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Outstanding Zebra Blinds Technology

Zebra Blinds are also known as Revolve Shades because they are the best of two worlds. Blinds are rigid window coverings composed of horizontal slats that can be tilted to control light. Shades are made from a single piece or multiple pieces of fabric. Zebra blinds are a one-of-a-kind combination of roller shade technology with Venetian blind functionality. 

Modern materials provide you with a view or privacy while producing soothing natural light. Revolve Shade fabrics are two layers of horizontally striped translucent and opaque cloth. The front and back layers move individually, allowing the stripes to glide between each other, producing an open and closed illusion with endless light control.

A single chain is employed to slide the two layers past each other. The shade is raised and lowered using the same chain. Zebra Shades can be lifted to conceal themselves in a cassette, providing an uninterrupted view of the outside.

Other names for similar products: Mandalay Shades and Vision Shades.


Zebra blinds, also called revolve shades, covering the windows of a pretty living room.

Zebra Blinds Key Features

Zebra blinds are among Canada’s most popular window treatments, integrating the functionality of blinds with shades’ gentle beauty and elegance. The versatility you get from zebra blinds makes them the top choice among homeowners and designers. With a functional and modern style, these shades complement any décor and interior design. You should look forward to the following features when you choose zebra shades from Wholesale Blind Factory.

Stylish Cassette And Hembar

The stylish cassette and hem bar are available in five colours: White, Vanilla, Bronze, Anodized, and Black. Being available in a variety of colours, zebra blinds fit in any theme and decor. The five colours mentioned are perfect for almost any colour scheme. The simple, minimalist look doesn’t capture all of the attention. Instead, it acts as an accent and its elegance is something that the guests’ eyes will return to.

Roller Shade Technology With The Utility Of Horizontal Blinds

Zebra shades implement roller shade technology with your traditional horizontal blind technology. The horizontal blind look is sought after by many homeowners since the movement of the blinds is implemented with roller shade technology. The result is an amazing window treatment fit for any décor.

Greenguard® Protection

Our products are Greenguard certified, which means they are safe for the environment and our valued consumers. The products of Wholesale Blind Factory are all composed of high-quality materials that protect your safety. Our window shades do not contain any potentially hazardous chemicals or ingredients that could harm you or the environment.

Automation Option

These are great if you want to use Vienna blinds in a safe and stylish way. If you want to put up Vienna window shades but are worried about your kids’ safety, the automation option is great. Most parents find that cords pose a safety risk to their children, so getting one of these is a good idea. Automated roller shades are also great because they make it easy for everyone to use the shades.

Lifetime Guarantee

We are confident in the durability of our products, so we provide a lifetime warranty. This is a warranty that comes with the goods, but there are certain circumstances that are not covered. This warranty does not cover, for instance, damage caused by natural disasters or discoloration induced by prolonged exposure to sunlight, among others.

How Do Zebra Shades Work?

Zebra shades have stripes that are sometimes solid and sometimes see-through. When you pull on the cord or pull-bar of a zebra shade, the fabric moves along a tube. This lets the stripes on the front and back match up solid over solid or solid over sheer. Solid on solid lets light shine through stripes that are see-through. Light can’t get through stripes that aren’t see-through.

With this structure, zebra shades can go from being see-through to being solid in an instant. It’s like tiling blinds or plantation shutters. You can pull your zebra shades up for a clear view with lots of light, or you can pull them down for privacy or filtered light. Zebra blinds with a top down bottom up feature lets you open the top of a window while covering the bottom.

What You Need To Know About Zebra Shades

Advantages of Zebra Blinds

Zebra shades are defined by the term “modern with flexibility.” Zebra shades are perfect for light filtering. With the light control along with the versatile design, the window treatment is perfect for any room with any décor. You can fully pull them down for complete seclusion and privacy or open them to enjoy the ambiance of the natural light. We give you the option to choose the fabric of your zebra shade to make sure it fits your taste and your room. These are also the best candidates for automation. With automation, your children and your pets are safer than ever with the cordless option.

Zebra Shade Specifications

Zebra shades can accommodate a wide array of dimensions. The minimum width is 12” and the maximum width is 96” while the minimum height is 12” and the maximum height is 108” but 84” for sheer fabrics.

Mounting Depth

The mounting depth of zebra shades are versatile that can fit almost any window. The minimum casement for the bracket is ½” while the measurement for a fully recessed bracket is at 2”.


Zebra shades have a simple, minimalist design that doesn’t draw all the attention to itself; instead, the elegance of the design serves as an accent. The stylish cassette and hembar come in White, Vanilla, Bronze, Anodized, and Black. These five colours complement any colour scheme.

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Zebra Shade Reviews

PS- in-Vancouver
PS- in-Vancouver
April 1, 2024.
Amazing experience! From the initial quote with Paul to the pro installation from Kyle, my experience with Wholesale Blind Factory was outstanding. Of all the companies I had quote on the work (automated blinds in my master bedroom), Wholesale Blind Factory was by far the best value. Combined with the incredible service I received, and I have no reservations in wholeheartedly recommending Wholesale Blind Factory to anyone. Thank you for the excellent work!
Randy F
Randy F
March 18, 2024.
Great quality product!
Deb Pudek
Deb Pudek
March 6, 2024.
We recently replaced our kitchen blinds with new ones. The Wholesale Blinds company came into to recommend the replacements, help us pick our blinds out, came to measure to confirm sizing and installed and took old blinds away. They were extremely professional and personable and were very efficient in the install. The price was right as well! I would recommend Wholesale Blinds to anyone looking to update their blinds. Thank you again for your excellent service!
David Currah
David Currah
March 5, 2024.
There's good, there's great and then there's EXCEPTIONAL. This is the second time I have dealt with WBF and once again the customer service has been exemplary from start to finish. The first order was quite large (15 remote controlled blinds) and very time sensitive. They not only met my expectations but were 40% LESS than a re-seller who couldn't meet the deadline. One slight mistake in the order was corrected and delivered in a timely manner. The second order was much smaller (3 windows) and I had investigated doing it myself, ordering online. After stressing measurements, questions of quality and the prospect of installing into concrete, I called Paul and found out I could get better quality, better look and installation for about $150 more, with NO hassle. I received the same level of service as with the larger order and installation in both cases was handled by Kyle, who was on time, efficient and amiable. Don't hesitate, just call Paul at WBF and find out for yourself. You won't regret it.
Melvyn Emanuel
Melvyn Emanuel
February 26, 2024.
Paul and Kyle met our usually high expectations as a salesperson and installation person. What more is needed to be said.
donna baker
donna baker
February 26, 2024.
Paul provided information and options, different sample shades and accurate measurements, Kyle installation and Jacquad efficiently repaired a small deficiency on 1 blind in my home. My new blinds look so fresh clean modern than original ones.
Karly Kristina Design
Karly Kristina Design
February 20, 2024.
Its always a pleasure working with Wholesale Blind Factory from the product itself to the customer service, we are always confident in sourcing through them or referring them to our clients.
Gerry Henderson
Gerry Henderson
February 7, 2024.
We are very pleased with the installation of power motors for our solar shades. Both Paul and Kyle were very timely in meeting our set up requirements.
Liz Miller
Liz Miller
January 15, 2024.
Honestly, the staff are rude and dismissive. I called in an inquiry about a window treatment and it was not a pleasant experience. I will find a business that will value me as a customer!
Pat Watson
Pat Watson
January 2, 2024.
Beautiful selection and Yanek provides terrific service. My window coverings are exactly right - thank you.