5 Considerations When Buying Patio Door Blinds

June 10, 2021
Blinds and shades for patio doors

Dressing your patio door properly goes beyond choosing blinds or curtains that match your home decor. Before shopping for a dress for your sweet home, a little thought is in order. Here are TOP 5 things to consider when buying patio door blinds.

1. Does your patio door face the street or the neighbor’s yard?

Privacy is at the heart of the matter here! Let it be said: a large glass surface like that of a patio door lets in the sun’s rays, but also the prying eyes of passers-by and the neighborhood! If your patio door is exposed to it, opt for an opaque covering so as to preserve your privacy in the evening. If so, Cellular shade, as known as Honeycomb shade is the leading choice as it allows to maximize energy efficiency, privacy in your home. These innovative window coverings also trap air in the center of the shade creating a layer of insulation between the window and building interior so it helps reduce the heat, cold in the summer and winter days. These blackout shades are available in single, double cells, horizontal, and vertical formations. You can open the shades in the top-down, bottom-up motion.

Cellular shades at Wholesale Blind Factory

Elegant, high-quality Cellular shades for patio door | Wholesale Blind Factory

2. What is its orientation?

If it is facing south, your patio door lets in a lot of sunshine in your interior during the day! Winter is a good thing since it allows passively to warm the room in which it is located. Summer, however, is not what we want! The ideal solution? Thermal curtains! Thanks to precise technology, they can reflect up to 90% of the heat rays inside the room in winter and outside in summer. Another interesting avenue: cellular shades. Equipped with small cells, these prevent heat transfer, thus ensuring a constant ambient temperature, summer, and winter.

3. Is it frequently used?

If so, the wrapping must not interfere with traffic. If you opt for curtains, make sure that the rod protrudes enough on either side of the door so that you can draw the curtains completely. In addition to freeing the passage, this will promote greater brightness in your home. Do you prefer blinds? In this case, it is strongly recommended to install Vertical blinds for large windows as patio doors. Vertical Blinds have wide slats that can be angled or closed to control light and privacy.

Vertical Blinds for patio doors | Wholesale Blind Factory

Vertical Blinds for patio doors | Wholesale Blind Factory

4. How much darkness do you want?

If your patio door is in a bedroom or in a living room that sometimes turns into a home theater, you need a very opaque trim. So, you could opt for Roller shades. They can be customized with multiple colors, designs, and fabrics for soft views or a blackout effect. They are easy to care for with little maintenance. Roller Shades can regulate sunshine to keep your room cool and shaded while adding an extra layer for warmth in the cool weather. If, on the contrary, you prefer to let in the light while preserving your privacy, Vienna shades are suggested. Horizontal fabric vanes alternate with soft sheer fabric to offer a veiled but luminous vista to the outside when open. As you close Vienna Shades you experience room darkening until fully closed with complete privacy. When the vanes are raised completely, Vienna Shades disappear into the color-matched contoured headrail.

5. What effect are you looking for?

Do you like relaxed atmospheres? Do you want to produce a chic effect? Do you prefer a clean look? Remember that for a successful look, your patio door trim must match the style of your room. If you prefer boho, country style, Real wood blinds are a great choice. They made from premium quality wood which brings a rustic, warm look. If you favor a fashionable, contemporary look, here comes Aluminum blinds. Those blinds are lightweight, stylish and practical which work well for patio doors, kitchens, living rooms.

Rustic Real wood blinds | Wholesale Blind Factory

Rustic Real wood blinds | Wholesale Blind Factory

Patio doors are favored for the views and access to outdoor spaces. As you use this space regularly, it is important to have the right blinds and shades which suit your preferences and needs. As one of Western Canada’s largest manufacturers of window coverings, Wholesale Blind Factory offers the best quality products at the most affordable prices. Contact us for further assistance. We provide FREE in-home consultant with our knowledgeable experts for choosing products, measuring, installation.

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