Prepare to Take Notes: The Best Blackout Blinds and Shades in 2021

September 20, 2021
Roller shade is perfect choice for blackout purpose

Every Canadian home has its own preference when it comes to safety and privacy. It is true that there are a lot of window treatment ideas out there that promise the blackout efficiency, you have to choose the best room darkening window blinds that will suit your needs and preference. 

Blackout shades are making a comeback especially in the industry of window coverings. Not only do they give you the privacy you need, but studies also show that these shades can help you sleep well. To help you make a well-informed decision, we will be giving you a list of the best blackout blinds in 2021. You’ll have an easier time choosing from the many choices in blackout lining shades and blinds out on the market today. 

cellular blinds

Cellular Shade

Cellular Shades are best known for their energy efficiency as this type is an innovative solution that is designed to trap air in the center of your room or office. This creates an extra layer of insulation while also blocking the harshness of light entering your room.

You won’t deal with visible cords and unsightly wires as they are easy to install. In addition, cellular shades provide a honeycomb shade that is ideal for heat and light control. You have complete control over light filtration while also maintaining a certain level of thermal efficiency in your home.

Roman Shade

The Roman Shade has a look and feel of a window drapery that can easily be raised and lowered according to your preference. Roman shades are usually made of heavy fabric, which means that you can have a greater blackout effect with this type. This also has a feature that contains a pinhole-free construction on blackout shades. To add, they are available in multiple fabric and shade types that you can easily manage, depending on the type of light filtration that you want for your room or home. This type is also easier to use and a great blind type to start with if you want to achieve a certain level of privacy and blackout effect.

Roman blind
Motorized blinds and shades

Roller Shade 

The roller shade is perhaps the simplest darkening blinds that you can get from the market. This operates as roll-down blinds with a pull of the cord. This type of shade is easy to care for with little maintenance. It is a great choice to regulate sunlight to keep your room cool and shaded during even the hottest hours. You can get this option automated, meaning roller shades can be motorized. Raising or lowering your shades is as easy as just a couple of clicks. The key features of this type lies in its excellent light control and UV blockage.

Each type of light-blocking blind in this article is easily accessible at Wholesale Blind Factory. You can get these types of blackout shades at competitive prices while being secured by a lifetime guarantee both on workmanship and material. Now that you have the basics of understanding the best blackout blinds in 2021, make sure to consult with a professional window specialist to help you out, especially in the installation process. 

If you have decided which of the blackout window treatment is best for your home, choose the team that can offer you professional services. The team at Wholesale Blind Factory are professionals you can rely on for installations and repairs of blackout blinds. We specialize in providing quality and authentic window coverings and shutters that come in a variety of fabric options and sizes. We also offer a warranty of 5 years on all motors and controls that are secured for your peace of mind. We have the right expertise to help you out on any project. Gives us a call on 📞 (604) 942-4201 today to get started.

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