What are the best blinds and shades for doors?

June 28, 2022
Large and open living room den sun room with window blinds. Wholesale Blind Factory

Doors, especially glass sliding doors, are designed to let the sunlight into your home. This will lower your heating costs. You can open these doors and let cool wind lower the temperature in the room helping you save on air conditioning. They also make your home look more spacious and welcoming. 

However, too much sunlight and UV rays can ruin your furniture and decorations and make your space too warm during summer and hot weather. Adding sliding door blinds to your doors will help you in many ways like insulation and decoration. That is why many people tend to add blinds and shades to their doors. 

The problem is how to choose the best blinds and shades for your doors and what are the things you need to consider. Find out everything about blinds and shades for your doors with the help of this article. Let’s start!

Things to consider before buying blinds for sliding doors

Sliding doors are a common characteristic in many homes in Canada. However, choosing the right blinds and shades for them is really tricky and complicated. The reason behind this is many balconies, terraces, and patios have high traffic. This means that many people tend to visit these spaces therefore your blinds and shades should be able to endure this high traffic.

That is why you need to be mindful when buying your blinds and shades for the sliding doors of your home. Here are the 6 things you need to consider:

Functionality and practicality

Contrary to popular belief, different types of blinds and shades operate and function in different ways. You should think about how your sliding doors work and how much traffic they get. Why? Because of practicality. It will be really inconvenient if the blinds and shades you purchase for your doors do not function properly.


We all agree that although functionality is vital, so is style. The theme in your room and your personal preferences should also be taken into consideration when buying your blinds and shades for doors.

Choose the blinds and shades for your doors depending on the room and the overall feel you want to achieve for the said room. For example, blinds and shades for your office and commercial establishments are different for your home.


There are two main mounting options for blinds and shades: inside and outside mount. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages when installing, you just need to choose which type you need in your space.

Doors with inset blinds in green with a potted fern plant. Wholesale Blind Factory


How much traffic your door gets should be taken into consideration when buying shades and blinds. For example, if you are looking for the blinds and shades for the door on a small and hardly gets traffic balcony, you can buy door covering solely based on your preference. On the other hand, if your balcony gets a lot of traffic, you need to be more conscious when buying your blinds and shades.


Do not forget your budget when buying your blinds and shades for your doors. Door coverings and treatments’ price depends on the material, size, style, designs, and upgrades you want to add. Customized treatments are more expensive compared to pre-made ones. And if you want to motorize your blinds and shades, you will need to add more to your budget.


Lastly, the safety of the blinds and shades. This should be your #1 priority, especially for those households with pets and children. Hanging cords are hazardous and can cause choking. Cordless blinds and shades that comply with Health Canada will be your best option in this case.

What are the best blinds to cover sliding glass doors?

Sliding doors are frequently used, especially if they are positioned in a room where you entertain guests or spend a lot of time with your family. That is why your blinds and shades should withstand that much traffic. Aside from the 6 things you need to consider when choosing your blinds and shades for your sliding door, its durability and sturdiness should also be considered.

Sliding doors are larger and wider compared to your typical windows. This is why you need to look for the right size that will perfectly fit your sliding doors. Because of this issue, custom blinds and shades are a popular choice for many homeowners.

In addition, the best blinds and shades to cover sliding glass doors will not hinder the movement and operation of your doors. 

Types of blinds for sliding doors

With all the lists and things we mentioned above in mind, we listed the best 3 types of blinds and shades for sliding doors.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are easy to operate. Also, the slats are thick and larger in width. Meaning vertical blinds can cover the entire sliding door.

The louvers of vertical blinds tilt at an angle depending on how much light and air you want to enter your space. In addition, they can stack back to let you easily and conveniently access your sliding doors. 

Living Room in Black & Red Décor and vertical blinds. Wholesale Blind Factory

Cellular shades

Also called honeycomb shades, cellular shades are a popular choice for sliding doors. Why? Because they are flexible, functional, and fashionable. 

The design of the cellular shades is famous for providing amazing insulation. This is also one of the main reasons why cellular shades are popular for covering wide and tall sliding doors. 

In addition, the style and esthetics of honeycomb shades look sleek, stylish, and modern making them ideal in any space with classic, modern, or contemporary themes.

Roller shades

Roller shades are the most popular type of blinds and shades for sliding doors for many homeowners go for. They can cover the whole door, beautify your space, and control how much sunlight enters without hindering the movement of your sliding door. In addition, they are low maintenance and easy to clean. Roller shades also provide insulation helping decrease your monthly utility bills.

Benefits of having blinds or shades for sliding doors

There are numerous benefits of having blinds or shades for your sliding doors, here are a few:

Light and privacy control

All types of blinds and shades offer excellent light and privacy control. It will just depend on the degree of light and privacy they provide. However, some blinds and shades offer better light and privacy control such as wood and faux wood blinds. The materials used for these are more durable and solid making it hard for people to see what you are doing inside your home when they are fully shut.

Some blinds and shades offer blackout options providing exemplary privacy and light control. Blackout blinds have their own benefits and functions. 

Reduce indoor allergens

If there are members in your household with dust and other airborne allergens, getting built-in blinds and shades can help. The dust and other airborne allergens tend to accumulate with exposed blinds. However, if you choose built-in blinds and shades, you won’t have this problem. Contact your trusted blinds and shades provider to learn more.


Blinds and shades come in different styles, colors, designs, and materials making it easy to decorate your space. If you want to decorate your sliding doors without disrupting the harmonious theme of your space, adding blinds and shades in the color that fits your decorations is the way to go.

But keep in mind, that each room in your home might need different sliding door coverings and treatments. Some rooms like the kitchen and bathroom will need blinds and shades that are resistant to moisture.

Pleated Blinds in modern living room interior. Wholesale Blind Factory


All blinds and shades offer insulation. However, the degree of insulation they provide will differ depending on the type of blinds and shades you choose for your sliding doors. 

If your blinds and shades provide excellent insulation, you can save on your heating and HVAC bills. Look for energy-efficient types of blinds and shades that will provide the functions, features, and aesthetics you need for your sliding doors.

What are the ways to choose the right window blinds or shades?

When choosing the right window blinds and shades for your doors you first need to know where you are getting them. You need trusted and experienced professionals to help you out. Especially if you have no idea or experience in choosing and decorating your sliding doors. 

Working with professionals will make it easier for you to choose the type of blinds and shades and the upgrades needed for your doors. This is important if you want to get energy-efficient blinds and shades that will go great with your existing room decorations and help you save money in the long run. Also, getting the size and dimensions of the blinds and shades you need is tricky. If you work with an experienced team, you can be sure the sizes are exact and accurate.

Here at Wholesale Blind Factory, we have a team of experts and professionals that can help you choose the best blinds and shades for your doors. Do not hesitate to give us a call at 📞 (604) 942-4201. You can also schedule an in-house consultation with our team.

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