Cellular Shades: The Energy-Efficient Window Covering

May 3, 2024
light filtering through honeycomb shades

When it comes to enhancing the comfort and aesthetics of your home, the right window coverings make all the difference. Cellular shades, also known as honeycomb blinds, stand out as a premier choice for homeowners seeking both style and substance. With their unique honeycomb-shaped cells, these shades offer more than just privacy; they provide superior insulation and energy efficiency to any living space.

This article explores the benefits of cellular shades and why more Vancouverites are viewing them as the perfect addition to their windows.

Why Cellular Shades are Becoming a Top Choice for Modern Vancouver Homeowners

Cellular shades are becoming the sophisticated choice for window covering options. The honeycomb structure provides both a sleek and energy-efficient design for your room. This innovative design traps air in distinct pockets, creating insulation that can help reduce your energy costs significantly. The appeal of cellular shades, otherwise known as honeycomb shades, extends beyond their functionality. With a variety of colours, textures, and opacity levels, they fit seamlessly into any decor, enhancing the aesthetic without compromising efficiency.

Moreover, their versatility in light control makes cellular shades particularly in demand. Whether you opt for light filtering or blackout options, you can easily adjust them to meet your specific needs. The ability to control light exposure not only protects interiors from harmful UV rays but also offers the perfect ambiance for any moment. It’s this combination of practical benefits and stylish appearance that makes honeycomb shades a top choice among homeowners who prioritize both comfort and design.

beige cellular blinds half closed over large window with plant to the right side.

Choosing the Right Cellular Shades

The first thing when choosing a cellular shade option is ensuring it is “Greenguard Certified.” Greenguard is an institution that certifies products that are environmentally and consumer-health friendly. If you find a product marketed as a cellular shade that is not Greenguard Certified, it may not have the energy-efficient benefits expected with the purchase.

Once you have confirmed that the product is quality and meets its sustainability claims, it is time to consider what aesthetic would be best for your home.

Single or Double Cell Structure

Cellular shades are available in both single and double cell options. 

Single cell blinds only have one layer of cells while double cell blinds are made up of two smaller layers, one closer to the room and one closer to the window. 

Double cell offers better insulation from loud noise and is more energy-efficient. Double cells’ smaller rows give it a more busy look which is good for offices but family members may not be a fan.

Close up shot of double-structured cellular shade

Light Filtering or Blackout

Light-filtering cellular shades offer varying levels of isolation depending on the thickness and opacity of the fabric. Most fabrics provide privacy, but others show silhouettes. 

Blackout cellular shades come in vinyl or fabric and are designed to provide maximum privacy while blocking out light. 

All blackout cellular blinds provide 100% privacy and include a vinyl backing to help block light. Depending on how they are fitted, blackout cellular blinds may have light gaps.

Visibility Through Shade

Even though honeycomb shades are made to filter sunlight, some of the natural light passes through. The degree of how visible the product is depends on your preferences. Different materials yield different styles as well as different levels of transparency. 

Some people like to have a bit of view out of the shade while some choose to go for a more private feel. 

For instance, sheer fabrics can softly diffuse light, providing a bright, airy feel without sacrificing privacy. On the other hand, opaque materials are perfect for bedrooms or bathrooms where more privacy is needed, effectively blocking the view from outside while still letting in some light.

top half of cellular blinds are down, letting in sunlight from large window.


Cellular shades are available with an automation option. The automation process involves removing the need for cords by replacing them with motors. This is a safe option, especially for families with children. This can also give off a technological fill that others strive for. 

With the automation option, you can open and close your blinds in style.

Colour Selection

Cellular shades are available in not only various textures and patterns but also multiple colour options.

It is highly recommended when choosing the right cellular shades for your home that you utilize a design professional to make the right choice.

Get a Free In-Home Consultation for Your Cellular Blinds

Where Can You Purchase Cellular Shades?

Cellular shades are the most popular choice for window coverings at Wholesale Blind Factory. We work with homeowners across the Vancouver Lower Mainland to ensure size specifications are worked out, the design choice meets expectations, and provide a lifetime guarantee on the product.

Browse our products, give us a call at (604) 942-4201, or contact us for a free in-home consultation. Our team of specialists will ensure you have an easy and seamless experience to transform your space with brand-new cellular shades that meet your needs.

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