4 DIY Steps to Clean Wooden Blinds You May Have Never Tried

September 13, 2021
Clean window blind

Wooden window blinds are aesthetically pleasing as they give off that farmhouse look in the countryside. Despite their beauty, wooden blinds are also known for their durability and stylish design that is excellent for light and privacy control. As with many other blinds, regular maintenance is needed to keep your wooden blinds working perfectly. But unlike metal, plastic, or even cloth shades and blinds, there is the best way to clean wooden blinds without compromising their functionality. Here are some DIY steps to clean the wooden blinds that you may have never tried before.

Define which type of wooden blinds you have

To apply the best way of cleaning wooden blinds, there is a need for you to determine which type of wooden blinds you have at home. There are faux wood blinds and real wood blinds. Faux wood blinds are made of polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, that can be easily cleaned with just any type of cleaner and rinsed off by water as moisture will not harm them. However, with real wood blinds, too much moisture can compromise the quality of the natural wood and can lead to hollowness and even damage costs.

Washing faux wood blinds is much easier as the amount of water will not change the quality of your blinds. With the real ones, patterns may vary slightly and excessive moisture may cause a color change, so keep in mind to keep water usage at a minimum.

Can I clean blinds without taking them down? 

While it is possible to give your blinds thorough cleaning without having to take them down, there may be a reason why you should take them down. If there are cleaning issues that need professional help, then consult a professional and window specialist if you need blinds taken down for thorough cleaning.

How often should I clean wood blinds? 

You need to clean your wooden blinds at least once a month. Excessive cleaning may lead to unnecessary staining and even damage to the wood. Make sure to consult a professional window specialist when any other issues occur in cleaning.

What do I need to start?

  • Wood cleaner for furniture or floors
  • Lemon oil or any wood preservative (an optional choice)
  • Microfiber duster to secure soft glide
  • A bucket
  • Soft and dry-cleaning cloths
  • A ladder, if necessary

This is a recommended list of supplies for cleaning wooden blinds. You can add or remove items from this list according to your preference.

Step-by-step instruction to clean wooden blinds

    Faux wood blind at Wholesale Blind Factory
    1. You need to remove dust from dirty blinds by closing the blinds and dusting away dirt through a duster or vacuum. While dusting, don’t forget to clean the headers of the blinds as well as the window sill.
    1. Wipe on the blinds using a cleaning solution. Most can be used directly from the cleaning bottle, but some need a little bit of water to work well. Place a certain amount of solution in a bucket for much easier cleaning.
    1. Apply a wood conditioner if you want to maintain or bring back the natural sheen of your wooden blinds. You can do so by using lemon oil and carefully applying such on each side of the slats.
    1. Clean the dirty ladders on blinds. The strings that hold your blinds are called ladders, and you should also clean them to complete the cleaning process. Spray a bit of shaving cream on a clean cloth and grasp the string with the same cloth and rub it. Repeat the process as needed.
    1. Make sure to let your wooden blinds dry before using them or adding accessories to them. This way, you make sure it’s working efficiently.

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