Best Custom Window Blinds for Your Home or Office

March 15, 2022
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There is a certain charm of having custom window blinds at home or your office. They add aesthetics and professionalism to your space while helping you control how much light enters the room for the privacy you need. 

However, choosing which custom blinds are appropriate and best fit your space can be overwhelming. There are many types of custom window blinds to look at and features to check. 

Don’t worry, Wholesale Blind Factory will help you out! We put together the best custom window blinds for your home and office windows to make your selection process easier. 

Let’s start!

What are the types of custom window blinds?

Whether you want to improve your privacy, light control, or just want to add a pop of color to your home or office, there are custom window blinds that fit your needs. Here are the top 4 custom window blinds you should definitely check out if you want custom blinds in your space.

Aluminum blinds

Aluminum blinds are a type of horizontal blinds with 1” or 2” slats. These custom blinds have been around for decades and there is a reason why they are still popular. Aluminum blinds are durable and have a simple but classic look. Their ability to control how much light and heat enters the room makes them ideal in living rooms, bedrooms, and offices.

They are also moisture resistant which means they can be used in kitchens and bathrooms. 

Custom aluminum blinds are available in multiple color options. You can also have it automated for an easier and more convenient window blinds control.

Custom window blinds. Aluminum blinds open on a sunny day. Wholesale Blind Factory

Real wood blinds

Real wood blinds add natural beauty, texture, depth, and warmth to your space. They are way more durable compared to fabric custom blinds. This type of blind is also easier to clean. They are also natural insulators and offer excellent privacy. However, they can’t be installed in rooms with high humidity because they are not resistant to moisture.

Custom real wood blinds are available in a wide range of paints and stains. You also have them motorized.

Wooden blinds with sun light. Custom window blinds at Wholesale Blind Factory.

Faux wood blinds

Faux wood window blinds look just like real wood blinds but can be installed in high humidity rooms and areas in your home. They are resistant to moisture and can be installed in the bathrooms and kitchens. These custom blinds are more low maintenance compared to real wood but offer the rustic and classic look of real wood.

Custom faux wood blinds are available in multiple colors and stains to look more like real wood. You can also have them motorized.

Modern window with stylish wooden blinds indoors. Custom window blinds at Wholesale Blind Factory.

Vertical blinds

Vertical window blinds are ideal for large windows, patio doors, or glass doors. They are also easy to clean and maintain. You can angle the slats or close them completely depending on how much privacy and light you want to enter in your home or office.

Custom vertical blinds are available in multiple colors and fabric options. If you want, you can also have them motorized to make it convenient for you to angle the slats without getting up and adjusting the cords yourself.

Clean and simple look of an office with vertical blinds. Custom window blinds at Wholesale Blind Factory.

Can you motorize custom window blinds?

Yes, you can motorize all the 4 types of blinds we listed above. But that is not all, you can make your window treatment complement your home or office décor. 

Somfy blinds and shades offer many options for windows in your home or office. Somfy blinds are motorized for your convenience. You can control the slats and movement of your custom window blinds remotely using their phone app. The best part is you can create a schedule using their app to be more energy efficient. You can even make it look like there are people in your home when you are actually on vacation.

There are many colors, fabric, stain, paint, and customization options available.

Close up of man's hand holding a remote control to close automated custom window blinds in an office. Wholesale Blind Factory

Benefits of custom window blinds

There are many advantages of having custom window blinds in your home and/or office, here are a few:

Exact measurements

Ready-made window blinds are very convenient. However, if you have a different window shape size and shape, it will be difficult to find the window blinds that fit perfectly with it. This is why custom window blinds are perfect for you. You will provide the dimensions of your windows or have a professional get the size. Because of this, you will get custom blinds that fit perfectly in your windows.

Professional installation and window treatment

Having a professional look into your windows and installing the custom window blinds themselves are more convenient for you. Plus, you can be sure they are properly installed, especially if you have motorized custom blinds.

The specialist can also walk you through and help you familiarize yourself with using your custom window blinds.

Two professional workers measuring window for installing custom window blinds. Wholesale Blind Factory

Multiple options

You have the luxury of choosing the design, colors, and materials used to make your custom window blinds.

Are custom window blinds worth it?

Yes, custom window blinds are 100% worth it. Traditional window treatments offer various benefits and advantages in your home, especially in your office. Privacy is very important for your office particularly if you are handling important documents. Having them custom fitted with ensures there are no spaces where other people can sneak a peek and see what you are doing.

Here at Wholesale Blind Factory, we understand the need for custom-fitted window coverings and treatments. We offer a wide range of colors, designs, materials, and upgrade options to make sure all you get the custom window blinds that you are dreaming of.

Contact or call us at 📞 (604) 942-4201 to talk to our window specialists today!

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