Know Before You Buy: How Do Venetian Blinds Work?

August 17, 2021
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Venetian blinds are the most common and popular type of blinds. They are a must-have for contemporary-styled homes. These blinds might look simple, but that’s not all. 

Let’s find out how do Venetian blinds work and why they are still trendy, even after hundreds of years.

What are Venetian blinds?

Venetian blinds are also known as Aluminum blinds. They are made of horizontal slats: metal, aluminum, plastic, or wood. These slats are connected by cords designed to help you control the slats. These blinds are named after where they originated, Venice in Italy.

They were originally used to replace curtains and shutters back in early 1794. Over the years, they became practical window coverings with various uses and came in different colors.

Why are Venetian blinds still popular today? 

They might not look much, but Venetian blinds are very useful. You can control the slats and open them when at an angle to let the sunlight inside your whole keeping your privacy. This will cause your room to be warmer, which is why it is ideal for cold or winter seasons. You can also close the slats if it’s too hot outside, preserving the cold air inside your home. These blinds will help you conserve energy.

Not only that, they look classy, elegant, and timeless and will go great with any decor. 

Venetian blinds are also affordable compared to other window coverings available in the market. 

And the best part is, they are very easy to maintain and clean.

How do Venetian blinds work?

Basically, Venetian blinds work just like any cord and pulley blind system located at the top of your blinds’ casing. You can operate and control it by raising or lowering the blinds via its cord. And you can tilt the slats of the blinds using a wand or a cord.

Venetian blinds (Aluminum blinds) are favored by Canadian homeowners for its fashionable style and affordable cost

Venetian blinds (Aluminum blinds) are favored by Canadian homeowners for its fashionable style and affordable cost

How does the slat tilt mechanism work?

The Venetian tilt mechanism gives you the power to control the lighting, temperature, and your privacy. It will let you control the slats to help manipulate how much sunlight goes into your home and the temperature changes.

This blind tilt mechanism lets you operate and control its slats. It is connected to a tilt wand and/or a cord via threading. This can help you effectively and easily angle the slats the way you want them to be. 

When you twist the tilt wand counterclockwise or clockwise to open up the slats. 

What is the cord lock mechanism?

The cord lock mechanism lets you raise and lower your blinds. It lets you keep the slats stacked together at the height you want without the slats getting released.

When you pull the cord away from the center of the window, the Venetian blinds’ slats will rise. Then, the slats will lock into place when you release the cord. When you pull the cord towards the center of the blinds, your Venetian blinds will be released back down.

Cord safety measures

Loose blinds and shades cords or chains can be hazardous for pets and children. These can loop over your child or pet’s heads and cause them to choke. That’s why it is necessary to keep them out of reach by your children and pets. 

Here are some safety tips you can do to ensure your Venetian shades’ cords will not cause an accident:

  • Wrap the blind’s cords or chains around cord cleats. Install your cord cleats at least five feet about the floor or high enough so that your kids won’t be able to reach them. On a pair of cleats, wrap the cord around them by doing a number 8 figure.
  • Do not put furniture, like cots, couches, beds, high chairs, etc., near a window where your children or pets can reach the cord.
  • Check all the rooms in your home and look for any loose or looped blinds cord or chain. Make sure to secure them, if you find any.

There are a lot of uses for Venetian blinds. They are very practical and they come in various designs, colors, and materials. That’s why sometimes it is hard to choose which one will go great with your home decor. Our expert’s advice for you is to keep your color theme in mind when choosing your Venetian blinds. This will reduce your options making it easier to choose. Get started with Wholesale Blind Factory today!

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