How to Protect Window Blinds From Curious Cats

January 26, 2022
Three cats lounge in the sun in with window blinds raised. Wholesale Blind Factory

Do you have cats at home? Then this article is for you. Cats and blinds don’t mix well. Curious cats will always play with your blinds no matter what. But did you know that with the right type of window blinds, you can have everything under control even with ambitious cats at home? Get to know how to protect window blinds from curious cats with ease. We have rounded up everything for you including the best window treatments if you have cats around. Let’s jump right in! 

Keep window blinds raised

The simplest and most practical thing to do when you have cats at home is to keep your blinds raised. If your cat tends to play with your blinds, this can lead to an uneventful breaking or blending of such blinds. When you keep your blinds raised, cats are less likely to play with the blinds. However, if you want to maintain your privacy, you can opt for a partly opened blind. 

Cat standing next to raised window blinds inside room. Wholesale Blind Factory.

Tie up window blinds cords

Part of our safety suggestion is to keep your window blinds pulled up with the cords tied up safely where your cats can’t reach them. You can do so by purchasing affordable safety devices to keep your blind cords out of reach and neatly tied up. Try out cord ties or cord holders. Avoid pooling drapery or tassels when getting window treatment ideas for your home. 

Purchase a cat tower 

Cat towers can distract your cats from playing with your curtains or drapes. Cats will most likely spend a lot of time in cat towers, keeping them away from destroying your blinds and other furniture at home. Also, your cat’s well-being is ensured with cat towers as they have a place to claw and climb safely. With cat towers, your cats won’t climb on window blinds and play with them anymore. These are great investments in the long run.  

Cat on a cat tower to prevent damaging to window blinds. Wholesale Blind Factory

Best window blinds for cats 

Moving onto the best window treatment for cats, we have gathered the leading window blind solutions for you. 

Roller shades

Roller shades are easy to care for with little maintenance. When it comes to having cats around, roller shades can be a great option. Cats can easily slide with roller shades without any damage. Unlike other types of blinds, these window coverings don’t attract dust, dirt, or pet hair. Roller shades can also be automated for a cordless operating system so cats can’t play with cords anymore. What’s even greater is that you can adjust roller shades for soft views or complete privacy. 

Vertical blinds 

Vertical blinds are convenient for light control because you can close for a total light elimination or tilt the louvers to allow some light in. When you have cats around,  choose sturdy window blinds that can withstand being pushed out of the way by curious cats. Vertical blinds are commonly made with stiff PVC. Just stay away from fabrics. Not only will the texture attract cat hair, but it could also give your cat any idea to use them as a scratch post.

Bengal cat near vertical window blind in the sunshine. Wholesale Blind Factory

Faux wood blinds 

If you’d really like to stick with the look and function of traditional blinds, faux wood blinds are much more heavy-duty than plastic or fabric versions, and therefore more cat-resistant. Aside from their sturdy material feature, faux wood blinds are also highly resistant to high temperatures and humidity. They are much sturdier than window blinds made of vinyl or aluminum. Also, faux wood blinds can give you the feature of opening and closing the slats with a convenient tilt option. Not only does this maintain our privacy, but you can also give your cats a view of the outside

Fabric curtains

Do you love curtains? We got you covered! Cat-proof curtains can be quite tricky, but there are curtains that are durable enough to withstand cat scratches. Choosing the right material for your curtains is the first step to protecting the furniture you have at home. Some examples of materials that are cat-proof are microfiber, insulation, linen, and even blackout curtains. Microfiber is budget-friendly for curtains since it is densely woven while also difficult for cat claws to penetrate. 

Modern living room interior with fabric curtains as window blinds. Wholesale Blind Factory

If you want to keep your curtains while having cats around, make sure to contact the nearest window specialists to help you decide the best material that can withstand damage from your cats. 

Contact a professional for window blinds

With the variety of choices out there, you have to be extra smart in choosing the right window blind treatment ideas for your home. Our team at Wholesale Blind Factory can help you choose. We are using the highest quality materials for our window blinds and shades. Our solutions are up-to-date and we ensure a workmanship guarantee in every step of our process. 

Just give us a call on 📞 (604) 942-4201 today and get started with our finest window blinds with FREE in-house consultation and a guaranteed warranty. We will make sure that your window blinds are cat-proof for your comfort and ease of mind. 

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