Why Motorized Blinds Are Essential For Pets And Children

December 7, 2021
Automated window blinds controlled with remote control. Wholesale Blind Factory

Most Canadian homes have children and pets in them. After all, they make each home a more delightful place. It’s one thing to enjoy their company, but ensuring their safety is another. Blinds that operate by cords have been on the market for decades and are found in most Canadian households. But when it comes to utmost safety, this is where motorized blinds come in. Children and pets are always looking for ways to have fun, but the dangers also come into play. And we all know that kids and cords don’t mix. So, it’s the perfect time to shift to motorized blinds

We have found the most important facts that will convince you to invest in motorized blinds to ensure the safety of your children and pets. From their convenience to your peace of mind, here are the reasons why motorized blinds are essential for pets and children. 

Stops children from strangulation 

Motorized blinds do not need cords to function. This is a great feature especially if your pets or children often play at home. Blinds with cords often lead to increasing numbers of children getting strangled. Although it may be an accident or out of pure curiosity, cords always pose hazardous risks. Unlike cord blinds, you control motorized blinds remotely. With this system, you can easily control your motorized blinds, shades, shutters, and screens from your mobile device or tablet in just a couple of taps. No cords are needed. And no cords mean a lesser risk of strangulation of your pets or children.

Boy looking through window blinds. Wholesale Blind Factory

Harder to play with and damage

Motorized blinds are harder to reach, thus making them harder for children to play with. In addition, motorized blinds are more durable and less likely to sustain damage. Motorized blinds are usually wall-mounted in higher places, making them less accessible to small children and pets. For example, Somfy motorized blinds envision a home where the kids and pets inside are safe and sound. An extra layer of safety and security is the ability to control it from a remote, smartphone app, or any device of your choice anywhere at any time. It aims to provide electronic controls for home automation and security. With this, Somfy is well-known among the Canadian market and homes alike to lead quality motorized systems. Somfy promotes not just security, but also comfort to both interior and exterior settings. Thus, the essential choice for the safety of your children and pets.

Cordless for less finger tangling

Cords often form loops that may lead to dangerous tangling. Children always reach for stuff they think is fun to play with. In just a simple tangling, there’s a risk of suffocation. This is common with cords that loop together. Thus, you need to make sure that you invest in cordless blinds or at least use cord cleats. Automated and motorized blinds help eliminate this risk, making them the ideal choice for rooms where children or pets usually play or relax.

Convenient when caring for child

If you are starting to care for your child, you always want to make sure that his or her safety is of utmost importance. Motorized blinds have a motorization system that gives you the freedom to activate your blinds according to specific schedules or even weather conditions. This is a convenient way for you to have more time in monitoring your child’s safety from blinds or any other coverings. If you’re always on the go and busy with work, motorized blinds are easy to operate according to your schedule. This gives you more control over the times where you are not able to monitor your blinds from the reach of your child.

Baby son and mother open window blinds. Wholesale Blind Factory.

Gives a little peace of mind 

Automated motorized blinds provide homeowners and parents alike a boost of peace of mind. After all, motor blinds are a great feature to increase your home’s value. Aside from improving the safety and well-being of your home, motorized blinds and the innovative technology they bring lessen your worry over many risks. Plus, motorized blinds are more energy-efficient than traditional and less safe ones. 

It’s time for you to invest in motorized blinds to secure the safety of your children and pets. To know more about motor blinds, we can help! At Wholesale Blind Factory, 100% service satisfaction guarantee. Our team of window specialists and experts can help you choose the ideal motor blinds for the safety of your pets and children.  Our automated blinds are secure with 100% quality in terms of materials and workmanship. Most importantly, the products that we offer have a Greenguard certification for a much safer environment and well-being. The best part about our professional service is we offer automation options to perk up the convenience and safety you need. Just give us a call on 📞 (604) 942-4201 today and learn more about our finest motor blinds and latest innovation at home. 

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