Cellular Shades

Our Most Energy Efficient Cellular Shades

Cellular Shades are the perfect solution if you are looking to maximize energy efficiency in your home or office. These innovative window shades are designed to trap air in the center of the shade creating a layer of insulation between the window and the building interior.

Cellular Shades are available in single or double cells. This innovative window covering also reduces noise from outside due to the air pockets formed in between the shades. Cellular Shades are available in a wide choice of fabrics, colours, and cell sizes.

Other names for similar products: Honeycomb Shades

Cellular Shades Key Features

It’s easy to see why cellular shades are the most popular window coverings at Wholesale Blind Factory. Cellular blinds are visually pleasing, offer good insulation, and can be customized in a variety of ways. The following are the main features of cellular shades:

Single Or Double Cell Available

Cellular shades are available in both single and double cell options. Single cell blinds only have one layer of cells while double cell blinds are made up of two smaller layers, one closer to the room and one closer to the window. Double cell offers better insulation from loud noise and is more energy-efficient. Double cells’ smaller rows give it a more busy look which is good for offices but family members may not be a fan.

Light Filtering Or Blackout

Light-filtering cellular shades offer varying levels of isolation depending on the thickness and opacity of the fabric. Most fabrics provide privacy, but others show silhouettes. Blackout cellular shades come in vinyl or fabric and are designed to provide maximum privacy while blocking out light. All blackout cellular blinds provide 100% privacy and include a vinyl backing to help block light. Depending on how they are fitted, blackout cellular blinds may have light gaps.

Visibility Through Shade

Even though cellular shades are made to filter sunlight, some of the natural light passes through. The degree of how visible the product is depends on your preferences. Different materials yield different styles as well as different levels of transparency. Some people like to have a bit of view out of the shade while some choose to go for a more private feel.

Greenguard® Protection

Greenguard is an institution that certifies different products that are environmentally and consumer-health friendly. We care about you and the people around you, so we make sure that each of our products is Greenguard Certified. Greenguard Certified products mean that they are safe for the consumers and that the company’s sustainability claims are true.

Automation Option

Cellular shades are available with an automation option. The automation process involves removing the need for cords by replacing them with motors. This is a safe option, especially for families with children. This can also give off a technological fill that others strive for. With the automation option, you can open and close your blinds in style.

Lifetime Guarantee

The lifetime guarantee is Wholesale Blind Factory’s way of saying that we are confident in our product. The lifetime guarantee is a warranty that covers as long as you are still the original owner of the product. Unfortunately, this guarantee does not cover discoloration overtime, damages caused by wear and tear, failure to follow printed instructions, repairing, etc.

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Everything you need to know before purchasing cellular shades

The advantages of installing cellular shades

These blinds have a specific structure that resembles honeycombs that trap air in between them. The air pockets formed work as insulation as well as noise reduction. Cellular shades also have additional features to soothe your tastes. You can opt for cordless systems, battery-operated lifts, top down bottom up cellular shades, and so much more. They are also very versatile and are useful for oddly-shaped windows. You can choose between light-filtering and light-blocking materials. All of the mentioned features help in reducing energy consumption throughout the house.


The cellular shades have a minimum width of 12” and a minimum height of 8” with a maximum width of 120” and a maximum height of 120.” There is a wide variety of different size options which will make sure that no matter how big your windows are, we will meet your expectations.

Mounting Depth

The mounting depth of the cellular shades has its own respective measurements. There are two sets of measurements depending on the style and the most durable option depends on the window. The first set of sizes are ⅜” Minimum Casement and 1 ⅛” Fully recessed 2” & ¾” Minimum Casement 1¾” Fully recessed 2½”.

Different Colours

Cellular shades are available in various colours, styles, textures, and patterns with room lightening (while offering privacy) or darkening fabrics. With these multiple options, there will always be something to complete the accent of the room.

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elena franco
elena franco
February 22, 2021.
The service and quality are excellent. They were very responsive via email for a quote, and made adjustments to my order quickly and as requested. The staff member who came to measure and install was friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. Would absolutely recommend, and will come back to this company when we replace the other blinds in our home. Very happy with the service and final product.
Barb Fletcher
Barb Fletcher
January 25, 2021.
Thank you to Scott and his team!! I outfitted my whole house with new blinds, and it turned out amazing! I am so happy with the finish product. Do not shop for blinds anywhere else, Wholesale Blind factory is the place to go, you will not regret it!
January 20, 2021.
Wholesale Blind Factory did an excellent job meeting my needs for both privacy and black out blinds in a new home. The sales rep was very knowledgeable and provided excellent advice and the installer was very professional and extremely efficient in installing the blinds. I am totally satisfied with the finished product.
amber keita
amber keita
December 1, 2020.
Very friendly & helpful! Quality products. 🙂
Munro Stuff
Munro Stuff
November 16, 2020.
Blinds are such a visible part of your home, and we were so pleased to find Wholesale Blinds to work with us. We got both black-out and solar shades, so it was great that their materials for those shades had a similar look and feel (not the case with a budget competitor who also quoted). All shade materials are made in North America and the blinds themselves are fabricated in the Lower Mainland. Support local! We're so satisfied with the blinds themselves, which look amazing and function so well. But we were perhaps more impressed with the people. Kyle, who measured and installed, was so careful and tuned to the small details that matter - he did an awesome job. And Paul (VP Sales) did the initial visit and an in-person follow-up when we were concerned about one aspect of the installed blinds (which was totally our misperception) - he listened, cared, and was fully invested in making sure we were satisfied. Very highly recommended!
puneet kataria
puneet kataria
September 21, 2020.
Through profesional approach. After sales serivces are remarkable. Even after two years they sorted out the issue of my remorte control blinds. Ms Chayal at front desk is very knowledgeable. She know, what exactly the customer is looking for and what is the best possible solution with in budget. I am planning to install another blind and will definately go with wholesale Blind factory. Strongly recommendable.
Sarj S Harjinder
Sarj S Harjinder
September 7, 2020.
Friendly staff, great price and a good selection of products.
Zuzana Vignone
Zuzana Vignone
June 18, 2020.
Wholesale Blind Factory was recommended by a friend, who was very satisfied and I am also more than happy with the product and service we got. From the sales person to installer, they all know what they are doing. Our wood blinds look great! I would recommend the company anytime.
Michael Cooke
Michael Cooke
June 16, 2020.
Good selection & prices