Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds Are Your Best Choice for Large Window Treatments

Vertical blinds are window treatments that have vertical slats hanging from a track at the top and operated by using a wand. The slats can either be made of fabric or PVC and are available in a variety of different colours. Vertical Window Blinds work well for large windows and patio doors. These window blinds can also be installed as an alternative in place of curtains or drapes. To control light and privacy, vertical blinds have wide slats that can be angled or closed. Find premium vertical blinds at Wholesale Blind Factory to fit any home and décor.

Vertical Blinds Key Features

Vertical blinds add elegance, drama, and dimension to patio doors and large windows. Fabric, sheer, or vinyl vanes are the ideal top-to-bottom solution for any area in need of privacy. They can help tie a room together with complementary tones and fabrics, or they can make a bold colour statement to draw attention to a specific area of your home.

2 Track Systems

Two track systems allow vertical blinds to have “two layers” which you can slide simultaneously. You can do this by completely removing the vertical blinds on one side of the window, and double the shade on the other side. By using the two track system, you can get better visuals from the window. Two track systems are usually implemented on sliding windows, which are perfect for vertical blinds in Canada that use 2 track systems.

PVC & 250+ Colour And Fabric Options

Vertical blinds are available in both PVC and Fabric Options. PVC is less translucent than fabric options but also provides more insulation. Fabric vertical blinds are thinner, making them more see-through, but let more natural light into the room. There are over 250 colours available, making it fit for any room or décor. The colour of the blinds can have a slight effect on the temperature absorption capabilities of the blinds. Light colours are known to be better coolers and dark colours have better insulation.

3 ½” Slat Width

Vertical blinds have slats available in 3½” width. The wider the slat, the less space in between each of them. Less space gives the room more privacy since there’s less room to peer into. It also serves as a good natural insulator. These are good for larger windows since the vertical appearance gives an accent to the windows.

Natural Insulator

Not only do vertical blinds serve as stylish window treatments for your room, but they also serve other functions such as being natural insulators. These keep the heat in while blocking the sunlight out. Vertical window blinds can help lower your electric bills as they can set up a good atmosphere in your home. Opting for vertical blinds with darker colours can have better insulation since darker colours absorb heat better.

Greenguard® Protection

Low-emission products are certified by GreenGuard. GreenGuard Certification confirms that a product emits low levels of VOCs into the indoor environment. It ensures consumers that home products adhere to strict emission regulations in order to protect their health. A GreenGuard Certification validates a company’s claims about sustainability. To ensure that we prioritise environmental and consumer health, all of the vertical blinds we offer at Wholesale Blind Factory are GreenGuard Certified.

Automation Option

For our products, we provide an automation option for safety and convenience. Our automation service for vertical blinds is the most advanced, bluetooth-enabled, retrofittable option available. Without lifting a finger, you can set recurring tilting routines and enable sunrise/sunset automatically. The automation option for vertical blinds includes a solar charging panel, which eliminates the need to plug in your blinds.

Lifetime Guarantee

The lifetime warranty guarantee covers any damages to the roller shades as long as you are the first buyer of the product. However, this warranty does not cover discoloration due to sunlight exposure or normal discoloration due to fading over time. This warranty also does not cover conditions or damages that are caused by accidents, misuse, alterations, not following printed installation instructions, cleaning, repairs, or general wear and tear.

Benefits of Using Vertical Blinds in Your Home

The following are the advantages of installing vertical blinds for your windows:

  • Vertical Blinds have a stylish and functional design to fit any home or office.
  • Features a wide array of fabrics that are low maintenance and easy to clean.
  • Numerous colours and styles to choose from.
  • Light control and automation options that you can customize.
  • Different style features can make vertical blinds fit in any room or décor.
  • Choose between PVC, Faux Wood, and Fabric as the main material for your window treatment.

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elena franco
elena franco
February 22, 2021.
The service and quality are excellent. They were very responsive via email for a quote, and made adjustments to my order quickly and as requested. The staff member who came to measure and install was friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. Would absolutely recommend, and will come back to this company when we replace the other blinds in our home. Very happy with the service and final product.
Barb Fletcher
Barb Fletcher
January 25, 2021.
Thank you to Scott and his team!! I outfitted my whole house with new blinds, and it turned out amazing! I am so happy with the finish product. Do not shop for blinds anywhere else, Wholesale Blind factory is the place to go, you will not regret it!
January 20, 2021.
Wholesale Blind Factory did an excellent job meeting my needs for both privacy and black out blinds in a new home. The sales rep was very knowledgeable and provided excellent advice and the installer was very professional and extremely efficient in installing the blinds. I am totally satisfied with the finished product.
amber keita
amber keita
December 1, 2020.
Very friendly & helpful! Quality products. 🙂
Munro Stuff
Munro Stuff
November 16, 2020.
Blinds are such a visible part of your home, and we were so pleased to find Wholesale Blinds to work with us. We got both black-out and solar shades, so it was great that their materials for those shades had a similar look and feel (not the case with a budget competitor who also quoted). All shade materials are made in North America and the blinds themselves are fabricated in the Lower Mainland. Support local! We're so satisfied with the blinds themselves, which look amazing and function so well. But we were perhaps more impressed with the people. Kyle, who measured and installed, was so careful and tuned to the small details that matter - he did an awesome job. And Paul (VP Sales) did the initial visit and an in-person follow-up when we were concerned about one aspect of the installed blinds (which was totally our misperception) - he listened, cared, and was fully invested in making sure we were satisfied. Very highly recommended!
puneet kataria
puneet kataria
September 21, 2020.
Through profesional approach. After sales serivces are remarkable. Even after two years they sorted out the issue of my remorte control blinds. Ms Chayal at front desk is very knowledgeable. She know, what exactly the customer is looking for and what is the best possible solution with in budget. I am planning to install another blind and will definately go with wholesale Blind factory. Strongly recommendable.
Sarj S Harjinder
Sarj S Harjinder
September 7, 2020.
Friendly staff, great price and a good selection of products.
Zuzana Vignone
Zuzana Vignone
June 18, 2020.
Wholesale Blind Factory was recommended by a friend, who was very satisfied and I am also more than happy with the product and service we got. From the sales person to installer, they all know what they are doing. Our wood blinds look great! I would recommend the company anytime.
Michael Cooke
Michael Cooke
June 16, 2020.
Good selection & prices