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Custom Blinds and Shades

Choose the Custom Blinds Solutions Here at the Wholesale Blind Factory

Not all windows fit the same mould. And not all windows even have a mould. From arches and ovals to triangles and octagons, we specialise in custom window covering to fit your needs.

A wide variety of window covering treatments are available, from blinds to shades in a variety of materials and colours.


What are the Key Features of Custom Blinds Shades?

Browse our extensive collection of custom window blinds and shades made to your exact measurements for a perfect fit in your home. All of our products are cut to fit your window when you place your order. There is no need to remove the slats and restring your blinds. Select from a number of styles, colours, and finishes. Our custom blinds come with a variety of additional options to help them stand out and make your home look even better. All of our products are extremely simple to set up, and we provide detailed installation instructions for each of them.


Every house is unique, as are the people who live in them. Get shades made for your windows in the size, colour, style, and opacity you desire for your home. Thousands of custom-made blinds options are available, allowing you to get what you need and want. In-store, Wholesale Blind Factory has Special Order blinds on display, as well as additional options in product binders. We do our best to give you all the choices you can get to strive for the best fit for your home.

Many Choices Of Window Treatments

Are window treatments an afterthought or something you prioritize when finishing a room? Every home or business requires some type of window treatment, and numerous options exist! Don’t go to the big box store only to discover that you measured incorrectly or that the colour isn’t quite right when you get home. Made in the Shade Blinds provides the ideal solution: we come to you!

Ability To Match Room Décor

Custom shades are incredibly versatile. Not only are their measurements perfect for your windows, but they’re also perfect for the room. These window treatments are designed to go well with almost any room factor. Our multiple custom blinds options will feature everything you might need and more for your room.

Benefits of Installing Tailored Blinds

  • Tailor-made for your windows, these shades are more precise than any other readymade window treatment.
  • There are a variety of design options available. Wholesale Blind Factory offers different colours, materials, textures, and more. We do everything we can to ensure that each custom blind is the best fit for your window.
  • These can help you reduce electrical bills. Blinds and shades are good insulators to keep the heat while filtering natural light.

Why Should You Opt for Custom Window Shades and Blinds?

You can make the style and details your own

When purchasing standard blinds from a store, you have no flexibility regarding style or measurements. Designers with access to materials with varying textures, styles, and finishes create custom blinds. Any size, colour, texture, type of blind, corded or cordless – the possibilities are virtually limitless. Whatever your preferred style, you will find something suitable and appealing.

You Get the Best Fit for Your Windows

Ready-made blinds are rarely a perfect fit. They are either too big or too small, with gaps on the sides, defeating the purpose of having blinds in the first place! Custom blinds can keep your home warm and maintain the temperature inside by closing gaps and thus lowering your energy bills. Even on oddly shaped windows, custom blinds possess a snug fit.

They Offer Better Control Of Light and Privacy

Custom blinds allow you to have more control over light and privacy. They fit perfectly on your window, so no unwanted light, cold, or wind will pass unless you want them to. Nobody will be able to look inside. When your blinds are drawn, you are shielded from the elements. You can choose different levels of light filtering and privacy. Opaque materials such as natural and faux wood offer maximum privacy and excellent light control.

Superior Quality Products

Our custom blinds are made from superior quality products resulting in the best possible custom blinds for your home. We ensure that our products are environmentally friendly and child & pet safe. Our products last long and stay stylish for years to come.


Custom Blinds Are Durable

Ready-made blinds wear out faster than custom window blinds, requiring you to replace them sooner. Custom blinds are less prone to damage and thus require less frequent replacement. They will look as good as new for years if properly cared for. You can choose between various high-quality, durable materials such as fabrics, PVC, real wood, and faux wood.

They Are Easy to Order

Most custom blind companies provide online ordering, allowing you to select the fabric and style you prefer easily. Our staff will personally measure your windows. Before ordering custom blinds, you can survey the multiple materials we use by buying swatches. You can also label them to remember which blind goes with which window.

Delivery Is Convenient

You can choose to have the finished product delivered and installed by Wholesale Blinds Factory or install them by yourself by following the instructions carefully. Please read our terms and conditions or contact us to learn more about our shipping policies.

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Read Customer Reviews

PS- in-Vancouver
PS- in-Vancouver
April 1, 2024.
Amazing experience! From the initial quote with Paul to the pro installation from Kyle, my experience with Wholesale Blind Factory was outstanding. Of all the companies I had quote on the work (automated blinds in my master bedroom), Wholesale Blind Factory was by far the best value. Combined with the incredible service I received, and I have no reservations in wholeheartedly recommending Wholesale Blind Factory to anyone. Thank you for the excellent work!
Randy F
Randy F
March 18, 2024.
Great quality product!
Deb Pudek
Deb Pudek
March 6, 2024.
We recently replaced our kitchen blinds with new ones. The Wholesale Blinds company came into to recommend the replacements, help us pick our blinds out, came to measure to confirm sizing and installed and took old blinds away. They were extremely professional and personable and were very efficient in the install. The price was right as well! I would recommend Wholesale Blinds to anyone looking to update their blinds. Thank you again for your excellent service!
David Currah
David Currah
March 5, 2024.
There's good, there's great and then there's EXCEPTIONAL. This is the second time I have dealt with WBF and once again the customer service has been exemplary from start to finish. The first order was quite large (15 remote controlled blinds) and very time sensitive. They not only met my expectations but were 40% LESS than a re-seller who couldn't meet the deadline. One slight mistake in the order was corrected and delivered in a timely manner. The second order was much smaller (3 windows) and I had investigated doing it myself, ordering online. After stressing measurements, questions of quality and the prospect of installing into concrete, I called Paul and found out I could get better quality, better look and installation for about $150 more, with NO hassle. I received the same level of service as with the larger order and installation in both cases was handled by Kyle, who was on time, efficient and amiable. Don't hesitate, just call Paul at WBF and find out for yourself. You won't regret it.
Melvyn Emanuel
Melvyn Emanuel
February 26, 2024.
Paul and Kyle met our usually high expectations as a salesperson and installation person. What more is needed to be said.
donna baker
donna baker
February 26, 2024.
Paul provided information and options, different sample shades and accurate measurements, Kyle installation and Jacquad efficiently repaired a small deficiency on 1 blind in my home. My new blinds look so fresh clean modern than original ones.
Karly Kristina Design
Karly Kristina Design
February 20, 2024.
Its always a pleasure working with Wholesale Blind Factory from the product itself to the customer service, we are always confident in sourcing through them or referring them to our clients.
Gerry Henderson
Gerry Henderson
February 7, 2024.
We are very pleased with the installation of power motors for our solar shades. Both Paul and Kyle were very timely in meeting our set up requirements.
Liz Miller
Liz Miller
January 15, 2024.
Honestly, the staff are rude and dismissive. I called in an inquiry about a window treatment and it was not a pleasant experience. I will find a business that will value me as a customer!
Pat Watson
Pat Watson
January 2, 2024.
Beautiful selection and Yanek provides terrific service. My window coverings are exactly right - thank you.