5 Reasons to Get Somfy Blinds and Shades for Your Home

February 24, 2022
Modern kitchen furniture design in light interior with Somfy blinds. Wholesale Blind Factory

Somfy has been in the business of innovating and transforming traditional window coverings into smart blinds for over 50 years. This company is famous for making it easy, safe, and convenient for many homeowners to control their window coverings and treatments without leaving their beds or sofas. 

They produced over 150 million motors since their founding and still manufacture high-quality and innovative motors up to this day. With the continuous technological innovations, Somfy pushes the boundaries of electric and automatic blinds technology and continues to modernize and innovate its products. 

Somfy is one of the leading brands when it comes to smart blinds in the market for a reason. They are not only popular here in Canada, but also in the whole world. Here are 5 reasons why Somfy motorized blinds are still in the business for over 50 years and why they are a great addition to your home.

Somfy blinds are motorized for your convenience

Effortlessly control your window coverings with just one click on your Somfy blind controller. Traditional blinds need to be controlled manually. This is hard especially if you have high and big windows. Most people do not want to put too much effort into doing this and will just leave their windows wide open. Even if they are putting their privacy and furniture in jeopardy.

Woman using smart home application on phone to control Somfy blinds. Wholesale Blind Factory

But if you have Somfy motorized blinds and shades in your home, you can easily close and open your window coverings by using the Somfy blind controller or your smartphone. You can also program the app and set a timer when you want your motorized blinds to open and close. 

Somfy uses an exclusive Radio Technology Somfy or RTS which allows you to control your Somfy blinds and their other motorized products almost anywhere in your home. This technology will work within 65 ft of your motorized window treatments. In addition, radio waves can pass through the walls. So, you won’t have to leave your room to adjust your motorized blinds.

There is also an option where you can install sensors. So, when the weather outdoors or the temperature changes, your blinds and shades will move accordingly.

You won’t have to move at all! Very convenient, useful, and innovative.

Somfy blinds are quiet with powerful performance

Noise is one of the common disadvantages of motorized window coverings. They are typically loud and irritating to hear. It will disrupt your relaxing time and might leave you in a foul mood.

But with Somfy blinds, you won’t have to worry about the noise. All Somfy motors are designed to be quiet and discreet without affecting their performance. The Somfy Sonesse 40 RTS has the quietest motor so far.

Why is it particularly important to have quiet blind motors, you ask? Quiet blinds and shades motors will not disrupt the calming and relaxing ambiance in the room. This is important, especially in the bedroom. You don’t want your sleep to be interrupted just because your automatic blinds are moving.

Furthermore, you have the option of adjusting the speed setting whenever your window treatments move. 

Light partially coming through interior with Somfy blinds. Wholesale Blind Factory

Reduce your energy cost and use with Somfy blinds

Traditional window treatments prevent sunlight from entering your home and provide insulation helping you preserve energy. However, if you are not at home to control and move your Somfy blinds and your family is not conscious of this, it defeats the purpose. 

But if you have Somfy motorized blinds, you can boost the energy efficiency of your blinds through light control and insulation. The Somfy blind controller and app can be programmed to schedule when your blinds will close and open during the day.

You can ask your trusted professional Somfy Canada expert and have them install sensors in your home. These sensors will move your Somfy blinds according to the weather and temperature based on what you programmed through the app or remote controller. This way, you can preserve the cool temperature in your home when the weather is hot outside and vice versa. 

Your monthly energy cost will surely decrease without sacrificing your comfort!

Create a specific aesthetic with custom Somfy blinds

Somfy lets you customize and personalize your blinds depending on your own aesthetic and style. When you choose custom Somfy blinds, you have the power to select the color, texture, design, style, size, and overall look of your window treatments. You can be sure it will fit right into your windows and doors. No matter how small, large, or shape they are because they are specially made for your doors and windows.

Corner of a modern bedroom with large fitted bed and Somfy blinds. Wholesale Blind Factory

You can schedule a FREE in-house consultation with our Somfy blinds experts to measure the size of your doors and windows. They will help you in choosing the right custom Somfy blinds for your home.

Use Somfy blinds on any window treatment

Somfy blinds will work on any window treatment you want. They work with any type of blinds and shades making it more convenient for you when choosing your type of window treatment. You can choose from our wide array of shades and blinds and turn them into automated and motorized ones for your convenience and comfort.

Somfy motorized blinds and shades are popular for many Canadian households. They provide safety for children and pets, which traditional blinds do not. This is important for households with kids and pets that can get hurt or suffocate in the loose cords hanging around. Somfy motorized blinds and shades provide the same safety but with much more functionality and features. 

These are only some of the reasons why Somfy blinds are still in the business. And remain popular even after over 50 years of working in the motorized window treatment industry. They have been continuously innovating and researching ways to make homeowners’ life more comfortable, convenient, and chic. 

Man installing gray Somfy blinds on the window. Wholesale Blind Factory

Wholesale Blind Factory offers all the leading and modern innovations in the window treatment industry partnered with Somfy products. Our team of Somfy and window treatment experts will help you choose the custom automatic blinds for your home and install them properly to make your life more comfortable. 

We offer FREE in-house consultation to help you measure your windows and doors and select the type of blinds, materials, textures, colors, and style. We will guide you through the whole process!

Give us a call on 📞 (604) 942-4201 today or send us a message. We will make sure all your Somfy blinds and shades match your aesthetic and needs!

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