Boho Chic Blinds and Shades – The Next Big Trend For Home Decoration

August 11, 2021
Boho Chic inspiration with blinds and shades

Bohemian-style interiors began way back in the 18th century in Paris, France during the French Revolution. Because of the poverty during this time, a lot of artists and creatives had no choice but to wear old clothing. When the economy stabilized, these creatives and artists chose to express their style, artistry, and eccentricity through their clothes. Since then, bohemian has been used to refer to exotic style, commonly associated with eccentric artists and creatives. These days, a big trend for Boho Chic style is decorating your home with blinds and shades.

It’s time to fall in love with its quirky style and charming vibe.

What factor defines Bohemian style

Bohemian style is commonly known for its being carefree and relaxed. It is inspired by nomads, artists, performers, and writers who believe creativity is the most important thing rather than money. 

Boho style centers on comfort and your own preferences and interests. There are no rules and constraints, which is why it is popular.

Usually, Boho-inspired home interior designs feature more bright colors and patterns. But there is no main theme when it comes to home décor. No element should be “too put together”. This will ensure the uniqueness of your decor.

Bohemian design is all about incorporating many different ideas together. Some Boho-inspired spaces and rooms might look completely different from each other. However, upon close inspection, some stylish choices and visual themes tend to be prominent.

Here are 3 tips to help you create a Boho-inspired space.

Different textures

When it comes to Boho-inspired interior design, the texture is everything! Bohemian design usually involves more handmade products. So, look for items with lots of textures and patterns but make sure they are handmade, such as woven rugs, textured paintings, sculptures, blinds, curtains, etc.

This will make your space more intriguing. You can do layering as well to create texture. By layering various window coverings, it will not only create a more textured look but is very practical.

Wood furnishings and fixtures

Go for handmade wooden furniture and fixtures. You can visit your local secondhand and vintage stores. In there, you will find a lot of stunning vintage wooden pieces.

Having handcrafted wooden California shutters will create a boho vibe. Plus, it is a great backdrop for your other boho-inspired pieces.


Bright and bold colors are the usual go-to when it comes to bohemian interior design. It adds a breath of life and gives energy to your room. But you can also throw in some neutrals like white and tan to make a more cohesive look.

With boho-themed interior design, you can mix and match various textures, colors, and furniture to your liking. There are no definite rules to follow, just do what makes you feel at home.

ADDITIONAL TIP: Add indoor plants. They will add freshness and color to your space.

Woven wood shades

Also known as Zebra shades, Mandalay Shades, and Vision Shades, Woven wood shades have this natural textured beauty that will look amazing in any Boho-inspired room. At Wholesale Blind Factory, we offer variety of Woven wood shades. They comes in multiple stain and color options so it can complement any color theme you are going for.

You can pair it with blackout liners to enjoy your privacy and increase your UV ray protection.

Roman shades

Warm, earthy color of Roman shades is iconic for Boho-inspired decoration

Warm, earthy color of Roman shades is iconic for Boho-inspired decoration

If you are looking for a more drape-like window covering that functions the same as your traditional shades, Roman shades are a great option. They are woven by hand with a simple but elegant design from different types of fabric. Plus, Roman Shades come in various colors, patterns, and textures which are great for Boho-inspired interior designs.

Whatever style you are aiming for, may it be bohemian, minimalist, etc., don’t forget to make it your own. Remember, you are styling your own home. Style it in a way that you feel comfortable staying in it and most at home.

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