Childproof Your Home With Automated Window Coverings

November 3, 2021
Child pulling the cord on a window blind

Most households have children. As such, there is a need to have everything child-friendly. One of the things that you can start with is window coverings. Children will most likely look for a way to have fun, so make sure that the cords of your windows are out of reach. This is the best time to learn about automated window coverings and how you can childproof your home. 

Child sticking their head through window blinds

Curious children will find a way to play with anything, especially window blinds

Reasons to childproof window coverings with automation

We have a list of the important fact you need to know about the dangers of cords and how automated window coverings are a much safer choice for your home. 

Cordless means no strangulation 

Children will always look for ways just to play. With their imagination, almost every object can be a playtime accessory. Cords are no exception. While cords for your window coverings are often not taken great account for, cords can strangulate your children. This is where automated shades and blinds come in. Wholesale Blind Factory offers the finest Somfy motorized blinds and shades that provide electronic controls for home automation and security. Somfy blinds are known for their innovative safety features that are best used for interior window coverings. Somfy envisions a much safer home where the kids and pets inside can play without the risk of strangulation or choking hazards. An extra layer of safety that can be controlled via a remote, smartphone app, or any device of your choice. It aims to provide electronic controls for home automation and security.

Cords are 1 of the top 5 most dangerous items to children

Cords are one of the most dangerous things in your house that are not safe for your children. Children can easily use and access cords, and this can pose dangers especially to their well-being. Not only are cords a tool for strangulation, but they can also be a choking hazard. So, choose a safer option by investing in automated blinds and shades and do it today! Cords are highly dangerous. These may even cause death from accidental choking or breathing hazards. If you are not yet ready to invest in home automation, you can choose cord cleats. Cord cleats help lessen the risk of danger in your house for your children or pets. 

Quickly pulls blinds up or down with a push of button

If you do not want to see unsightly cords, then wireless blinds and shades are the way to go. When the Wirecutter came out with the best smart window shades and blinds for 2021, cordless and wireless window coverings made the cut. This type of window treatment wirelessly connects your shades and blinds in just a couple of buttons. This cordless design gives users maximum safety for both their children and pets. After all, corded systems in your home can pose a danger and safety hazard for young children and even your pets.

Automated window blinds controlled with remote control

Control your window blinds with a simple push of a button

The cordless design of automated blinds and shades also gives you the convenience of controlling the amount of light and privacy that you want. Wherever you are inside your home, you can control the settings. This means that you don’t need to manually use a cord to adjust your window shades. 

Cords cleats are an alternative method of non-automation childproofing

Cord cleats are small pieces of metal or plastic that are suitable for tying a window treatment cord to the window frame. With proper installation, the cleats keep the cords from hanging low, making them out of reach for your kids. In order for cord cleats to help in avoiding hazards, a proper installation by a professional needs to happen. Further, cord cleats are an alternative option for a child-friendly window treatment aside from automated blinds and shades. If you are tight on budget, you can choose cord cleats in the meantime. While automated window coverings are an excellent choice for cordless blinds, you have to be open to other alternatives when you consider your budget. Consult a professional window specialist for a consultation. 

Worth cost for ease of mind and limitation of liability

When you go cordless, you will ensure the safety of your children. Child-proof window coverings help you avoid choking hazards and strangulation. If you can, shift to window automation today and get to experience the best of innovation and safety. It is also important to choose a company that offers a workmanship and product guarantee. In order to maximize the safety and security of your children at home, going automated with Somfy is an option that is worth your money. In fact, automated window coverings can help you avoid liability costs in the long run, saving a lot of money in the process. 

Now that you know how to childproof your home with automated window coverings, the next step is to choose a trustworthy company. Our team at Wholesale Blind Factory has the best people you can rely on when it comes to window coverings automation. WBF also offers a warranty of 5 years on all motors and controls for your peace of mind. Our Somfy products are secure with 100% quality in terms of materials and workmanship. Give us a call on 📞 (604) 942-4201 today and get started with our finest automated window blinds and shades for the maximum safety of your children at home.

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