How to Install Vertical Blinds Like a PRO

January 5, 2022
Parts of the mechanism of white vertical blinds. Wholesale Blind Factory

So, you want vertical blinds for your home? Vertical blinds are best known for their wide slats that hang down freely from the headrail to the bottom. Therefore, vertical Blinds are ideal for large windows or patio doors. They can also be used as an alternative to curtains or drapes. While blind installation can be tricky, you can install it like a pro as long as you follow the right guide and have the proper tools. If you are tight on budget but see yourself as a DIY wiz, this article is for you. Here, we have gathered everything you need to know about installing vertical blinds like a PRO! 

Regardless of which type of vertical blinds you choose, inside or outside, the first thing you need to do is to measure your window so that you know the exact size of the blinds that you’ll buy. 

What you’ll need

Tools for installing window blind. Hammer, tape measure, screws, drills. Wholesale Blind Factory

Just like any other DIY project, you need a set of tools to get the work done. In installing vertical blinds, you’ll need: 

  • Tape measure for proper measurements 
  • Pencil for taking down measurements and marking points 
  • Wall anchors 
  • Stepladder for high windows 
  • Hammer 
  • Cordless drill 
  • Screwdriver attachment for drilling purposes 
  • Level 

You can add more tools that are convenient and that you would think are necessary for the process. In other words, the list is only a brief guide on the basic components that you’ll be needing.

How to install inside mount vertical blinds

Drill and screw to install vertical window blinds. Wholesale Blind Factory

Before starting, read the packaging instructions carefully, and have the necessary components or tools. In installing inside mount vertical blinds, here is the brief and simple process: 

  1. Screw holes into the valance for proper security and attachment. 
  2. Make sure to mark the bracket location on the frame for proper installation. 
  3. Attach the components 
  4. Attach or snap in the headrail. Therefore, you can snap the headrail into place by referring to the product instructions first before doing so. 
  5. Snap in the vanes. You can do so by spacing the vanes and pulling the cord on the blinds to space the stems that eventually hold individual vanes evenly. Make sure to attach the rest of the vane’s components to finish the process. 

How to install outside mount vertical blinds

For outside mount verticals blinds, follow this simple guide: 

  1. First, locate the headrail and pick the necessary points on the window to measure the height of the blinds. 
  2. Mark the positioning of the brackets for your blinds. Make sure to properly measure from the end of the headrail and mark the points using a pencil. If necessary, note additional support for brackets, 
  3. Attach the brackets on the wall using the screws provided. 
  4. Snap in the headrail. Make sure to hook the headrail onto the brackets carefully to avoid a loose headrail. 
  5. Don’t forget to attach the vanes. 
  6. Install the valance. For instance, you can push the corners onto either valance end and attach the side pieces. 

Installation of vertical blinds. Wholesale Blind Factory

When to contact a professional

If it’s your first time installing vertical blinds or not familiar with the process and the tools needed, contact a professional window specialist to help you out. This way, you won’t risk damage or repair expenses when accidents happen during the DIY installation process. Therefore, a professional window specialist has the right expertise to install vertical blinds and properly do the work for you. Now that you know the basics of installing blinds, be cautious every step of the way and don’t hesitate to engage with professional services when needed. 

You can get the finest vertical blinds from our team at Wholesale Blind Factory. At Wholesale Blind Factory, we guarantee 100% service satisfaction in supplying high-quality yet affordable blinds that are durable. Therefore, our team of window specialists and experts can help you install vertical blinds in your home for your utmost comfort and convenience. Most importantly, the products that we offer are Greenguard certified for a much safer environment and well-being. Just give us a call on 📞 (604) 942-4201 today and get started with our finest window blinds with FREE in-house consultation and a guaranteed warranty. In summary, the installation of our vertical blinds is complete from the inspection process to the final stage.

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