Homeowners Ask: “Broken Strings on Honeycomb Shades. What’s Next for Me?”

July 26, 2021
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We know that Broken strings on Honeycomb shades can be frustrating to most of Canadian homeowners. Don’t worry, it is not the end of the world. You can repair your shades by yourself or with the help of experts from Wholesale Blind Factory.

What are Cellular Honeycomb shades?

Cellular Honeycomb Shades are a unique type of blinds that traps air and creates a layer of insulation between your windows and your room.

These shades are known to be very efficient. Why? This honeycomb blind blocks the heat from getting into your room on hot summer days keeping it cooler. During winter and cooler days, it keeps cold air from getting into your room making it warmer.

Because of their unique cellular honeycomb design, these blinds help block out some of the noise coming from outside. You can enjoy a peaceful conversation with your loved ones in your home.

The most important function of this Cellular Honeycomb Shade is it provides better privacy compared to your usual blinds. It blocks light better and more effectively because of its multiple layers. Also, cellular honeycomb blinds look good!

Repairing Broken String On Honeycomb Shades

For honeycomb shades owners, it is necessary that you know how to repair and restring your shades. These steps will save you a great deal of money and time.

Remove broken strings

  • Unscrew the tassel and set it aside. With a flathead screwdriver, open the pull cord stop, and remove the strings.
  • Close the shades, push it upwards, and slide it towards the center of the room. On a flat surface, measure and cut the new nylon strings. The length of your strings should be: Length = (window width) + 2*(window height)
  • Don’t worry about the excess string, you will cut it later.
  • With a flathead screwdriver, take the end caps off the top rail and remove the screw then slide the top rail off. Push the cord lock clips in from the side with needle-nose pliers. Slide the cord lock clips then remove the strings.
  • Turn the shade over and from the bottom rail, pull the end caps off. Slide the bottom rail off.
  • Untie and remove the broken strings.

Thread new strings through the shade

  • After removing the broken strings, get a restringing needle and thread the new string. Make sure to leave 3 inches of string at the bottom side of the honeycomb shade. Repeat this process for all the broken strings.
  • With the excess 3 inches of string, tie a knot and pull tight. Repeat for other strings.
  • Slide the bottom rail back into the honeycomb shade. And push the bottom end caps back into the rail.
  • Turn the top rail over, exposing a small gap. Thread the strings through this gap where the cord lock was removed.
  • Pick up all the strings coming out from the cord lock cap and restring the cord lock. Let the thread pass through the back opening to the front opening. The strings should pass through the black rectangular piece, this is important. Make sure to pull the strings tight so that they are only in the front and side openings.
  • Insert the cord lock back into the little gap in the top rail. The opaque plastic side should be facing upwards. Lay the strings down the middle of the shade and slide the top rail into the shade. Pull the string tightly through the cord lock.
Broken strings on Honeycomb shades is one of common issues

Broken strings on Honeycomb shades is one of common issues

Put the shades back to the window

  • Pull the strings tightly through the cord lock. Slide the top rail into the shade. Then, put the screws back into the top rail. And put the end caps back into place.
  • To hang your honeycomb shades back into place, in your window, push the shade upwards into the clips. Slide it towards the window.
  • Open the shades and cut all the excess strings so the ends are halfway up. Place the strings inside the cord stop then close it. Feel free to adjust your cord stop to your liking.
  • Slide open the top half of the tassel and insert the tassel over the ends of the strings. Then tie the ends together.
  • Lastly, screw the lower half of the tassel onto the top half.

Other Common Cellular Shades Troubleshooting

You might encounter a lot of problems when installing honeycomb shades. But some of these might be easy to fix. Here are the most common troubleshooting problems you might encounter:

  • My honeycomb shade sags in the middle. You can add additional brackets in the middle to stabilize your shades.
  • The shade won’t fit into their installation brackets. Check if your installation brackets are properly leveled and aligned. Make sure the screws are flushed against the installation bracket.
  • My shade is hitting my window handle. You might need to remount your shades further away from the surface so they will not hit your window handle

Sometimes, however, the tasks are too hard for you to handle, do not hesitate to contact Wholesale Blind Factory, we can fix simple problems very quickly or give you replacement components if needed.

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