How Does Somfy Bring Innovative Technology to Your Sweet Home?

August 24, 2021
Motorized blinds and shades powered by Somfy

While your sweet home seems to have everything you ever wanted, nothing beats the convenience of integrating home automation. You can opt for a home automated system that takes care of what is happening in your house with little effort on your part. This is a great thing as we are entering a digital age where anything is possible in just one click.

This is where Somfy comes in. Somfy gives you an avenue for motorized blinds and shades that are the best products of innovation today. In this article, we have rounded up the ways on how Somfy brings innovative technology to your sweet home.

Radio Technology Somfy - Wholesale Blind Factory

Radio Technology Somfy

Imagine this: You are on your way to the office and you just realized that you forgot to close your windows at home. With Somfy’s Radio Technology, you get to adjust motorized interior windows, roller shutters, and screens. In just a click, a radio wave signal is sent to move any motorized interior (or exterior) window coverings you have at home.

The Radio Technology Somy is designed to operate with an omnidirectional feature, which means that you don’t have to point at the transmitter to control the coverings. You won’t have a hard time integrating the motorization solution of Somfy as it works well with many of the largest home brands.

The innovation it provides can be activated according to your schedule settings, weather changes, and other factors. Talk about home automation where you are always in control.

Somfy Digital Network

Moving on, we have the Somfy Digital Network. This gives you the latest technology of Intelligent Tubular Motors and controls. You get to have precise control of every motorized window and even solar screen.

The SDN works by giving you the ability to operate a wide range of end products. One or more Somfy Smart Switches or IP Interface allow a virtual smart switch that you can carry with you anywhere. This innovative technology eliminates the need for wall-mounted switches for individual control.

As a homeowner, you get to maximize the flexibility of the systems and automation in your house while at the same time reducing installation costs along the way. This makes your sweet home a well-automated interior space that no longer needs costly maintenance.

Somfy Digital Network - Wholesale Blind Factory


The Z-wave is best known for its networking technology in residential and commercial settings. When you are looking for a way to install automatic window blinds as well as home access control systems, the Z-wave ensures that the commands are received through a mesh network regardless of distance and whatever obstacle there is. The Z-Wave enabled devices to form a network that makes home automation available and easily accessible from virtually anywhere.


The Zigbee is a classic low-powered mesh networking that works in a standard residential and commercial setting. As a member of the ZigBee Alliance, Somfy can bring updated technology and automation to any home using hand-held remotes and PC controls. The Zigbee allows you to integrate your Somfy-powered motorized windows and coverings by using digital motors in which no additional wiring is required.

Power over ethernet

Power over ethernet

One great thing about Somfy’s innovative technology is the convenience it brings to your home by utilizing the wonders of the ethernet. With Power over Ethernet, you get to experience energy savings, privacy, and comfort in just a couple of clicks and taps.

The Power over Ethernet works by distributing network signals to transmit communication to various endpoints over a low-voltage category. This gives any homeowner control over motorized shades, LED lighting, and other networked devices using your mobile devices.

With the capacity of the ethernet, you won’t be at the mercy of weak Wi-Fi signals as Somfy-powered systems allow network infrastructure built into your home through endpoints, ensuring that everything will work when it should.

Digital Electricity

In Digital Technology, you get to utilize multi-conductor cabling with ease. This is best suited for allowing long-distance power distribution as it allows efficient energy flow. This gives any homeowners lower electricity bills and safe-to-touch power distribution. This means that homeowners and businesses alike can enjoy increased flexibility for changing interior spaces involving power sources.

Digital Electricity
Dry Contact Somfy

Dry Contact

Last, but not least, is the Dry Contact. The Dry Contact can be used to reinforce communications between home automation systems and third-party systems. Once a command is activated, it is sent to any automated window treatments.

Dry Contact gives your home the functionality it needs to control blinds and tracks that are capable of dry contact signals or volt-free contacts. This works as a single channel that translates dry contact into Somfy Radio signals to control motorized blinds and shades for a low energy cost. 

The easiest way for you to incorporate the latest trend of innovation into your home is by proper installation. As such, consult a professional team of manufacturers and suppliers to get the highest quality Somfy products in the market. Whether you need remote blinds cost or other information about Somfy’s products, an expert manufacturer can help you. 

Now that you understand the basics of Somfy’s innovative technology, it’s time for you to choose the professional team that you can trust. The team at Wholesale Blind Factory installs the latest innovation brought by Somfy to improve your home security and increase its value in the long run. A warranty of 5 years on all motors and controls is secured for your peace of mind. To add, the team ensures that the Somfy products it provides are free from defects, both in material and workmanship. WBF only uses the highest industry-grade components available and the hardware is made of flame-retardant material that are great investments for your home. 

Want to have quality Somfy products by a professional team, you can trust? We have the right solutions for you! Give us a call and get started today.

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