Why You Need Window Treatments for Your Home Now

November 16, 2021
Woman with brown hair smiling and looking out her window blinds.

Most Canadian households are making the most of their time decorating their homes. While interior design can be too much work, there are times when it feels not enough. Maybe it’s because of the wall color, or the furnishings, but there seems to be something that’s missing. This is where window treatments come in. We often overlook the wonders of window treatments. But they create a distinct design and convenience beyond their fabrics or blinds.

In this article, find out why you need window treatments for your home and know the ins and outs they offer for your benefit. 

Ensure privacy

Window treatments are best known for the privacy they offer. When you’re out for work or a business trip, window treatments create a barrier to personal privacy and the outside world. With window treatments such as blinds or shades, onlookers won’t have a reason to peek inside your home. Shades and blinds are common window treatments that can ensure your privacy. Installing blinds or shades in your home allows you to enjoy privacy wherever you are. Plus, window treatments give you privacy from onlookers. And also privacy from noise if you want to have an afternoon nap or a good night’s sleep. 

Complete the design of a room 

Window treatments can be a great accent piece to elevate and complete the design of any room of your home. If you want a visual appeal using light and shadow elements, window treatments are the best choice. They offer a charming and dramatic flair to maintain a comforting ambiance inside your home. But most importantly, window treatments soften the tone of any space. Always keep in mind to consult window specialists or interior designers if you’re not yet sure how to match the right window treatment with the style of your home. 

Illustration of various window treatments and types of window blinds, drapes and shades.

Control light, heat, and coolness

The best part about window treatments is you can adjust the amount of light, heat, and coolness that you want. Without them, you won’t have this kind of perk. While it is common in every Canadian household to let the natural light in every morning, without a window treatment, there is more harm in having UV rays inside your home. Without the right window treatment, excessive heat and glare can create discomfort and may even harm your furnishings and furniture, especially if they are leather. 

Energy-efficient windows, a common feature of window treatments, are the best pieces you can install in your home to cut down energy expenses especially in controlling heat and coolness. A well-measured shade or blind can control the heat entering your home, especially in the summer. For example, Honeycomb blinds work simply by blocking the sun and the pockets of air create insulation. Lastly, window treatments also reduce heat loss during the winter. 

Motorize for convenience 

With the technology brought by modern times, window treatments are specially made with ease of use and convenience for you to enjoy. For example, the motorized blinds and shades by Somfy are best known for their automation systems. This lets you control the privacy and light that you want. Somfy motorized blinds and shades produced by Somfy Corporation aim to provide electronic controls for home automation and security to give any users utmost convenience. Somfy blinds and shades are known for their innovative safety features and are used for interior window coverings. Get to know more about how Somfy benefits your home here

Motorized window blinds in a home with the sunset in the background.

In addition, motorized blinds and shades are the best choices for efficiency. With the right utilization of efficiency, you can cut down your energy bills. And motorized window treatments can give you these benefits. With motorized systems, you get to adjust the amount of light or privacy that you want in just a couple of taps from a remote. You also won’t have to worry about unsightly cords. 

If you are thinking of installing a window treatment in your home, our team can help with the process and choosing products. At Wholesale Blind Factory, our team of window specialists can help! Our custom blinds and shades are secure with 100% quality in terms of materials and workmanship. More importantly, the products that we offer have a Greenguard certification for a much safer environment. 

Give us a call on 📞 (604) 942-4201 today and learn about our customization services to match the best window treatment for your home. We offer the finest window treatments in the market today. 

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