Amazing Window Treatment Ideas for a French door

September 29, 2021
Beautiful French Doors

There is an appeal to a well-thought-out interior design. Incorporating window and door treatments is a way for you to perk up your overall home decor. But, searching for the best window treatment ideas for French doors can be a little tricky.  While there are many types of window treatments that you can get from the market industry, you have to be keen on the amazing window treatment ideas for your French door. If you are trying to achieve a Bohemian-style interior, then it’s best to start investing in decorating your home with the right blinds and shades. We got you covered in this article, as we have rounded up the ways for you to choose the best one for your French doors. 

The best and worst things about a French door

It is essential to understand the best and worst things about this type of door to get started with the window coverings for French doors. French doors look like a combination of windows and doors that are ideal for letting sunlight in. This door type is composed of glass panels and traditionally hinges with an in-swing or out-swing type. The best thing about French doors is that they are a great visual appeal between indoors and out, or even adjoining rooms. They also let the sunlight in without allowing too much warmth to escape. It is excellent, especially if you want to regulate the temperature inside your home.  However, French doors are not entirely without cons. The worst thing about French doors is that they provide minimal privacy and more glass panels to clean. In addition, this type of door can be more expensive than basic sliding doors. 

Incredible window treatments for a French door

The following are the amazing window treatment ideas that you can start with when it comes to sprucing up your French door. 

Wooden blinds 

Interior Wooden Blinds

Interior Wooden Window Treatment

Wood blinds are best known for their natural-looking, Boho chic vibe and look. It’s no wonder that most Canadian homes would opt for real wood blinds which can elevate the rustic, warm look of your home and your French door. After all, wood blinds are an excellent backdrop for your boho-inspired interior. 

Aluminum blinds

If you want to achieve a more fashionable and contemporary look for your French door, choose Aluminum blinds. These blinds are lightweight, stylish, and unquestionably practical for adjoining doors. You can automate aluminum blinds to increase your daily comfort. In essence, Aluminum blinds are less expensive and easy to operate, especially when it comes to controlling light efficiency. These blinds work well in kitchens, living rooms, and even bedrooms. 

Roller blinds

Choose the roller blinds if you want to regulate the sunshine coming through your French door. You can customize Roller shades for French doors with multiple colors and designs, and fabrics, so you have the freedom to choose if you want a soft view with little light or a blackout effect. You can also keep your room cool and shaded with an added layer of insulation by the roller shades. 

Cellular Honeycomb Shades

Cordless Honeycomb Blinds

Cordless Honeycomb Window Treatment

Cellular Honeycomb shade is the leading choice as it is best known for maximizing energy efficiency and privacy. To be paired with your French door, the Cellular Honeycomb shade is an innovative window covering that traps air in the center of the shade, which, in turn, creates a layer of insulation that can help you maintain a certain level of comfort as thermal efficiency. Honeycomb shades are great for your French door, especially since you can open the shade in top-down or bottom-up motion. Now that you know the basics of window treatments that you can use for your French doors, it is best to consult the expertise and access the service of a professional window specialist. Suppose you are still confused about the ideal type for your French Door. The Wholesale Blind Factory has a FREE In-home Consultation that promises the highest quality window treatments for any Canadian home.  Want to start with a particular type of window treatment?  The Wholesale Blind Factory provides an array of qualified and professional individuals you can trust and rely. WBF specializes in delivering quality and authentic window coverings and shutters that come in various fabric options and sizes. We also offer a warranty of 5 years on all motors and controls for your peace of mind. Give us a call on 📞 (604) 942-4201 today to get started. 

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