Best Choices For Bay Window Coverings

June 21, 2021
Traditional curtains for bay window

Shades, blinds, or curtains? The choice of covering a bay window is wide. It also is not always easy to decide. To dress your bay window as closely as possible to your tastes and needs, here are helpful tips from Wholesale Blind Factory.

Traditional curtains for bay windows

To dress a bay window with a very cocoon and elegant look, the curtain is an interesting option for a night room. It creates a feeling of comfort and warmth while bringing personality to the room. Be careful, however, to choose them well so that the rendering is harmonious and coherent: a curtain on a very contemporary bay window will not necessarily enhance the carpentry.

In the bedroom, you can create a hotel room effect with sliding curtains, or even double curtains with net curtains on a sliding picture window. Care must be taken that the curtains do not hide the bay window when they are open. Velvet, still very trendy, and natural materials such as linen or worked cotton. The decision is on you.

Interior coverings for your bay window

More contemporary, interior blinds for bay windows adapt to any interior and are interesting for playing with light without completely obscuring it. They are preferred for dressing Perfect fit window coverings because most of them adapt to the millimeter.

In an office or an open living room, the Vertical blinds are, for example, perfect for enjoying a beautiful exposure without embarrassment by precisely modulating the amount of sunlight. At Wholesale Blind Factory, Vertical blinds are available in PVC,  250+ colors and fabric. It is very easy to create a whole new decoration with them. Plus, unlike curtains, blinds let you decide how much light and privacy you want in your home at any time.

Finally, Roman shades are a way of protecting yourself from the view and the sun while covering the sliding window with warm textiles. Therefore, Roman shades give off a special air, which goes very well in a rural setting. These can also be up to 108″ in height, but you need to have enough space to be able to get in and out without a problem.

Interior coverings for bay window

Interior coverings for bay window

Exterior coverings for your bay window

The external blinds, in addition to providing a design worked your windows, allow to reinforce their isolation and thus to regulate at best solar gain in the house. They are a great ally for south-facing aluminum bay windows or in sunny regions and can be motorized to increase daily comfort.

The Roller shades, as known as solar shades is the ideal solution for covering bay windows from the outside. They allows to modulate the light contributions with great precision. These are exterior blinds intended for large bay windows. Less common than other blinds and more expensive, they come with adjustable horizontal slats. Solid in design and most often made of metal, they also offer protection against intrusions.

Exterior Roller shades for bay windows

Exterior Roller shades for bay windows


Bay windows require additional protection from the inside. They also need to be dressed to provide a pleasant atmosphere and to protect people opposite. Vertical blinds and Roller shades work well for all types of bay windows, while the use of other types of coverings should be done on a case-by-case basis. It depends on the bay window and of the proposed models. If you are still confused, contact Wholesale Blind Factory for FREE In-home Consultant service. We promise to provide the highest quality window treatments and services for Canadian homeowners.

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