7 Inspiring Room Divider Ideas

June 17, 2021
Faux wood vertical blinds for room dividers

How to separate your room? Whether you live in a small studio or in a large house, room dividers offer the possibility of restructuring your interior. In a kitchen open to living room, in a bedroom or in a one-room apartment, solutions exist to create a more intimate space. You do not own your home of which you are just a tenant? Or are you afraid to get started? Good news, not only are there many room divider solutions, but they are also easy to implement. We give you 7 inspiring room divider ideas to separate your room easily.

California shutters

Full-height California shutter is perfect as a natural divider for a bathroom, providing that all-important privacy without the cost of building work. It’s a less intrusive solution than a solid wall, especially for smaller homes, and allows natural light to enter the room as required. Here at Wholesale Blind Factory, we provide a range of high-quality shutters that are also ideal for wet rooms and bathrooms, guaranteed not to warp however humid the conditions.

If you work from home, consider using internal room dividers to create a secluded and peaceful zone that is separated from the rest of the busy household. Room divider screens are also ideal for creating children’s play areas, sectioning off a children’s-only space for noisy and messy playtimes. You might also want to think about using bedroom shutters to fashion your own personal walk-in wardrobe. Our bespoke, sliding room dividers will give you a private space for the ultimate fashionista’s dream.

Full-height California Shutters are perfectly designed for room dividers

Full-height California Shutters are perfectly designed for room dividers

The workshop capony

The interior canopy is an original and stylish trick to delimit a small space . The optical illusion that homeowner creates then enlarges this space. On one side you can have the sitting area or the office area, and on the other side of the canopy you can set up your bedroom. The glass structure allows light to pass through, and both rooms can therefore enjoy it. To bring more privacy to the bedroom, consider to install a blind at the level of the canopy. You can lower it for your intimate moments. This room divider idea also brings an industrial style that you can use as a guideline for your interior decoration.

Art idea industrial capony to divide a bedroom and the living room

Art idea with industrial capony to divide bedroom and living room

Vertical blinds

We think about it less often, but Vertical blinds – aren’t just for giving your home a villa look. They are often placed on large bay windows, patio doors; and for good reason: they modulate the light without darkening. They will therefore be perfect for dividing a room into two without any loss of light.

Opt for this solution if you want to combine business with pleasure and add character to your interior. Wholesale Blind Factory offers PVC, Fabric and 250+ Colour : bright plain or pastel, striped. Take the opportunity to create an original decoration.

Faux wood vertical blinds for room dividers

Vertical blinds for room dividers


Using room divider furniture is a brilliant idea to save space. The partition is made 2 in 1: storage space and decorative separation. Libraries, shelves, wardrobes are available to allow you to cleverly divide your living room

To separate your bedroom from the living room, why not opt ​​for large bookcase? You will no longer have to choose between storage space and bedroom door. The one and the other become one!

Separate room by bookcase

Separate rooms with wood bookcase

Indoor Plant

Beyond the relaxation and calm indoor plant can positively bring to you, it is an original way to separate a room while embellishing it. For hanging pots, choose a few smaller pots, a few green plants, and a sturdy rack to hang it all up. Persistent and abundant green plants such as chlorophytum and ivy are particularly recommended. You can also choose a piece of green furniture to delimit the living room. Then install a fence on which you can hang tubs of green plants or flowers. You can choose these according to the season or your tastes.

Separate living room and bedroom with a plant

Separate living room and bedroom with a plant


Your choice of room divider can be suited to your choice of contemporary window treatments for your living room. If you would like to know more picking the best contemporary window coverings to match your home, why not contact Wholesale Blind Factory today. Furthermore, for your most seamless shopping experience, we offer FREE in-home consultant, our team of specialist will walk you through the process without efforts. We promise to offer the highest-quality room divider shutters, blinds in a range of finishes and colours to suit all homes.


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