Cordless vs. Corded Blinds: Which is Better?

December 29, 2021

While we are familiar with corded blinds, recent innovation calls for blinds without cords. After all, they are safer and convenient. But there are more ways of looking at window blinds. It is important to understand the ins and outs of window blind installation, especially if you have pets and children at home. In this article, we have weighed the advantages and disadvantages of cordless vs. corded blinds. It will help you decide whether the demands of your home call for a corded type or a cordless one. Get to know the factors at play and ultimately decide which one is right for you. Read on. 

Corded blinds 

These blinds, on the other hand, are the traditional operating system of blinds. This traditional lift is a time-proven system that people have been using in many homes for many decades. These blinds are your usual pull-down and pull-up mechanism type of window covering. 

Young woman lowering the interior corded blinds in her modern interior apartment. Wholesale Blind Factory

Advantages of corded blinds 

Believe it or not, corded blinds have advantages that might not cross your mind. It can be great for certain situations, one of which is when you have high windows at full retraction. Plus, corded blinds typically last longer as they entail low-cost maintenance and repair costs. In fact, corded blinds can last longer than cordless blinds depending on the treatment and maintenance. It is not a surprise since corded blinds do not need frequent automation repairs or whatnot. Plus, corded blinds are the most economical option there is. 

Disadvantages of corded blinds 

Perhaps the most common disadvantage of corded blinds is that it’s not safe. Most choking accidents at home can back to corded blinds. Small pets and children usually play with anything that they can reach, and cords are number 1 on that list. Aside from choking, this can also lead to other risks such as asphyxiation. For this reason, corded blinds are not always the best option for homes with pets and children around. Corded blinds are also not a great option if you don’t want to see unsightly cords. WIth cords, you’ll constantly deal with mess and entanglement. 

Cordless blinds

These blinds are a convenient and safer innovation in home automation that makes life easier. This type of blinds prevents unnecessary accidents, especially the ones common with children and pets. True to its name, cordless blinds, you don’t need a cord to operate it. In fact, we know cordless blinds to be efficient and highly functional, especially if you don’t want to operate your blinds manually.  They do not necessarily mean total elimination of cords. With cordless blinds, cords are not necessary to use for ease of operation. It can be automated and serve a greater purpose in your home, especially in terms of convenience and light privacy in just a couple of taps from your gadget.

Woman closing cordless blinds. Cellular shades on apartment window keeping energy and heat indoors with honeycomb blind. Wholesale Blind Factory

Advantages of cordless blinds 

Cordless blinds are innovative and safe options for your window coverings at home. Blinds without cords are safer, especially if you have small pets or children at home. With cordless blinds, you won’t worry about the entangled mess from unsightly cords. Also, wherever you position yourself at home, you get to adjust or control your blinds without the need to pull the cords manually. Cordless blinds also give you the utmost convenience of automation. In fact, they are more energy-efficient and easy to use. Here are some reasons why automation is great for your home and how cordless blinds can benefit your household.

Disadvantages of cordless blinds 

Contrary to what other people believe, cordless blinds can be quite tricky to use. You need to be able to reach a certain distance to be able to operate the blinds. Another disadvantage of cordless blinds is that they can be prone to repair and maintenance costs. Since most cordless blinds are battery-operated or wired like the Somfy products, the systems and batteries involved may undergo maintenance issues or replacement needs. Corded blinds don’t usually have this kind of problem.

Which is right for you? 

To choose the right option for your home, you need to consider different factors. First, corded blinds are not the best choice if you have children or pets at home since they can pose hazardous risks such as choking or entanglement. Also, if you don’t want to adjust your blinds manually, then cordless is a practical solution. If you don’t have pets or children at home and want your blinds to last longer, you can choose a corded option. Before choosing the type you’ll be buying, make sure to know all the aspects and demands of your home. You can also consult professional window specialists to help you out. 

If you are still unsure which option to choose, our team at Wholesale Blind Factory can help you decide. We offer FREE in-house consultation to assess the needs and demands of your home. Our blinds and shades are of high quality with guaranteed craftsmanship and artistry warranty. We also offer a complete service from the inspection process all the way through the installation costs. In renovating your home, we have a wide range of the finest window blind choices for you to choose from. So whether you need cordless blinds or a corded one, we got you covered. Just contact us today on 📞 (604) 942-4201, and we’ll be right on our way.

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