More Than Aesthetics: Do Window Blinds Increase Home Value?

March 31, 2023
roller blinds in the interior

There are many reasons you could be thinking about upping your home value. You could be an investor, a new homeowner who’s thinking about the future, or someone looking to sell their home for a better price.

If you’ve been searching the internet for affordable home upgrades, look no further because we’re deep diving into window treatments. Most importantly, we’ll answer the question “do blinds increase your home’s value?”

Grab your phone or notepad to remember this fantastic info on why blinds are the home improvement you should prioritize for!

How Do Window Blinds Increase Home Value?

Window treatments, or blinds specifically, can increase home value in several ways. Some of these benefits are more obvious, while others can get overlooked if you don’t dig deep! Let’s review some of these advantages of improving your blind situation.

blinds increase home value

Aesthetic Appeal: Make Your Home Look Better

Refreshing your blinds can add to the overall aesthetic appeal of a home, as long as they’re chosen wisely. The right blind can enhance the visual appeal of a home and make it look more modern and sophisticated.

Talking to a company like Wholesale Blind Factory can be very beneficial since we provide blinds in various colours, materials, and designs that will complement the interior decor of a home. 

Privacy & Security: Feel Good in Your Own Home

Blinds offer privacy and security to a home, whether you’re trying to avoid other apartments peeking in, or you’re in a house seeking privacy from foot traffic. 

Choosing the right blind can prevent outsiders from peeking inside the house and protect the homeowner’s privacy—and continue to let adequate amounts of light in to keep everyone happy. They can also deter burglars from breaking into a home as they make it more difficult for intruders to see inside.

Energy Efficiency: Save on Your Bills!

Blinds can help in regulating the temperature inside a home. They can block sunlight and heat during summers and retain warmth during winters. This can result in reduced energy bills. Sounds like a win whether you’re the homeowner or for potential homebuyers if your property is on the market!

Talk to Wholesale Blind Factory about upgrading your blinds before you put your home on the market and watch interest soar!

Which Window Treatments Don’t Add Value?

Blinds aren’t the only option for window treatments, and there are definitely a lot of good options on the market. However, if you’re trying to upgrade your living space, we recommend avoiding these:

old curtains

Outdated Treatments

Make sure that you’re going for window treatments that are timeless! The worst thing you could do is choose window coverings that are outdated or no longer in style. If picked wrong, they can detract from a home’s overall appeal. 

Think about it… if you went into a house with old-fashioned lace curtains or old-school vertical blinds, it probably wouldn’t be a selling point to the house. Instead, they can make a home look dated and unappealing to modern buyers.

Overly Personalized Treatments

Window treatments that are overly personalized to a specific taste or style can turn off potential buyers who may not share the same preferences. For example, bold patterns or colours that match the homeowner’s favorite sports team may not be desirable to everyone.

This relates to the point above! Make sure you’re picking out curtains, blinds, or other window treatments that will have longevity because of their timeless styles or colours!

Cheap Treatments

Cheap, flimsy window treatments can give a home a cheap and unfinished look. While budget-friendly window treatments are great for temporary solutions, they may not add long-term value to a home.

Instead of going with the poor quality options, why not shop with Wholesale Blind Factory. Our team is with you from start to finish, promising to provide stellar customer service on top of offering the largest quality blind selection in Canada’s west coast. All this at prices that you’ll find are value for what you’re receiving!

Which are the Best Blinds & Shutters That Add Value to Your Home?

california shutters

California Shutters

California shutters are made of solid materials like wood. These window treatments have louvres that can be adjusted for light control and privacy. California shutters are a favourite that will add charm to a home. 

Typically, California shutters are installed as a permanent fixture on the window frame or inside the window recess.

Roller Shades

Roller shades are a simple and modern window treatment that can add a sleek and clean look to a room. They’re mostly made of fabric that can be rolled up or down using a chain mechanism or a motorized option. 

If you’re going with automation on your blinds, make sure you talk to experts. Wholesale Blind Factory is a leading provider of high-quality motorized blinds, and we include essentials like installation and warranties.

Remember to specify what levels of light-filtering or if you’d like blackout materials to be used on your roller shades. With these blinds, you control privacy and light!

Cellular Blinds

Cellular shades are an energy-efficient window treatment that can help reduce energy costs and add value to a home. They’re so energy-efficient because of their honeycomb-shaped cells of fabric that provide excellent insulation.  They come in various colors and styles and offer excellent light control, privacy, and insulation. 

Cellular shades can also be customized to fit any window size and shape, making them a versatile and valuable addition to a home.

Also important to consider is that Cellular blinds come in single or double construction for different levels of insulation and light control.

Talk to us about customizing your blinds in your next home improvement project!

Upgrade Your Windows Today!

Your home improvement project is on a better track now! After browsing our article, you’re better equipped to make decisions about your blinds and other window treatments—which you should avoid and which ones will add value to your home.

Instead of doing all the heavy-lifting, let Wholesale Blind Factory lend you our expertise. We stand apart from the competition, promising free in-home consultations, fast delivery, and the largest selection at wholesale prices that won’t disappoint. 

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