Looking for Privacy? Here Are Window Shades for Your Office

March 9, 2022
Clean concrete coworking office interior with window blinds for privacy. Wholesale Blind Factory

As an employer, you need to provide a conducive and motivating workplace and environment for all your employees and yourself. Creating a welcoming environment in your office is a sure way to help you achieve this goal. However, you also need to consider your office’s privacy and security. Installing window shades in Canada is a sure way to achieve both a productive environment for your employees and ensure their privacy and security.

Window treatments look stylish and chic but that is not all they provide. These window shades offer insulation, privacy, convenience, and more for residential homes which can be brought to your office. Let us talk about all the benefits window treatments can offer and provide for your office. And we are not just talking about privacy but also convenience and BIG SAVINGS!

Shall we start?

Why do you need window shades for your office

Beyond their beauty and charm, window shades offer more functionality than aesthetics. Your office is where you do your business. Most times, you might be handling important, private, and classified information and documents in your office. In this case, you need more privacy than most without sacrificing your view.

Covering your windows and doors with window shades is a brilliant idea to achieve this. Window treatments don’t only apply to windows, you can have custom shades for your glass walls and sliding doors to add privacy to your office or conference rooms. 

Window blinds in modern office for privacy. Wholesale Blind Factory

You can easily control how much privacy you need when you are in a meeting with important people. This also adds confidence to speak freely for your clients, customers, and employees.

What are the benefits of window shades for your office?

Window shades can provide a nice pop of color, here and there, in your office. If your office has plain monochromatic colors, you can choose a stylish window shade with your favorite color. It’s easy, convenient, and creative.

However, this is not the only benefit of having window shade in your office. Here are a few more benefits you get from window shades:

  • Light control: You can easily control how much light is entering your office especially if you are using motorized window treatments. 
  • Insulation: Window shades are very energy-efficient. They provide amazing insulation. It can block the heat from entering your home, especially during the summer season.
  • Easy maintenance: They are easy to maintain and clean. There are many types of window shades, all you need to do is choose the type, style, and material that makes your life easier.
  • Privacy: You can control how much privacy you need in your office. The top-down type such as roller shades is ideal for this goal.
  • Choice: Window shades are available in different types, styles, colors, textures, and materials. The choice is yours.
  • SAVINGS ($$$): Other than the convenience and privacy, window shades help you save money. It provides better insulation and light control which helps you save on energy costs.

How can you make your office feel more private with window shades?

The same way window shades provide privacy to homes, they prevent other people from seeing what you are doing inside your office. This is especially important if you are handling important documents

There are also people who are very sensitive and feel exposed when someone is looking at them. Working in this condition will be close to impossible. Installing window shades is also brilliant for you!

An empty office meeting room with window shades for privacy. Wholesale Blind Factory

The right window shades will keep outsiders from seeing or peeping inside your office while maintaining your outside view. There are view-preserving window treatments you can install if you want this feature. Call or contact your trusted professional and inquire if this window treatment can be installed in your office.

There are many types of window shades that will look great in your office while providing all the benefits we talked about. Here are 3 main types of window shades that can provide the privacy and security you need for your office.

Roller shades

They might not look that exciting, but roller shades are simple, fashionable, and useful. Roller shades are popular because they are affordable and effective in controlling how much light and privacy you need in your office or establishment. They offer insulation but not too much.

Roller window shades are available in numerous styles, colors, and fabrics making them easy to incorporate into any office design, decor, and scheme. They are also available with multiple upgrades and added options.

Large window with open roller blinds in an office. Wholesale Blind Factory

Cellular shades

Cellular shades offer the same easy and convenient light control but have more insulation capabilities compared to roller and zebra shades. They have a honeycomb design that traps in the air making them more effective in keeping the temperature in your office balanced. These window shades are also called honeycomb shades because of this unique design.

This type of window shade is a little more expensive compared to other types. But in the long run, you will save more on energy costs. 

Cellular shades are not only popular for their insulation capabilities but also because they look sophisticated and chic with their clean lines.

Honeycomb shades or cellular shades with shadows of indoor plants in office window shades. Wholesale Blind Factory

Zebra shades

What makes zebra shades more and more popular these past few years is their alternating design. Zebra shades are named after their alternating sheer and solid bands. With a simple pull of the cord, your window shades will roll up to completely allow light to enter your office and vice versa.

Zebra shades offer all the functionality of traditional window shades but a more modern twist. The price for zebra shades depends on the style, color, and materials you choose. There are many upgrades available for Zebra window shades, as well.

Office window shades. Zebra shades for lighting range control. Wholesale Blind Factory

Wholesale Blind Factory promises quality window shades at affordable prices

There are many benefits of having window shades not only for the privacy of your office and/or business but also for aesthetic reasons. If you are totally sold on having window shades for your office, the next step is to contact professionals like Wholesale Blind Factory. 

We have a team of professionals that can help and guide you to choose which type of window shades work for your office’s scheme and decor. Our team will answer all your questions and be able to provide helpful insights that will help get the most functional and effective window shades for your office.

Give us a call on 📞 (604) 942-4201 or schedule a FREE consultation depending on your availability. Wholesale Blind Factory will send professionals to provide the best window treatments for your office space.

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