How to Find Perfect Fit Blinds for Your Home

June 29, 2022
professional workers in uniform using tape measure to install perfect fit blinds. Wholesale Blind Factory

Blinds have essential roles in our homes from privacy and safety purposes to the design that would look aesthetically pleasing to its coverage. However, there are a few things to consider when choosing the perfect fit blinds for your home. It has its own fair share of pros and cons, as well as different types which we’ll cover all here. 

Finding the perfect blinds match for your home and office windows requires a lot of careful consideration. If you are going to purchase your first perfect fit blinds, here is a complete guide for you. 

What are Perfect Fit Blinds?

The perfect fit blind is one of the most in-demand blinds in both homes and offices for years now, and there’s a great reason for that. Firstly, it fits directly onto the window without damaging the walls and windows, unlike any other blind type. 

The way it works is the bracket glides between the glass and the window to hold the blinds in place, and because it fits perfectly, it appears clean, neat, and contemporary. You wouldn’t find any unsightly dangling blinds cluttering up your window sills and it’s also safe to have at home

Pros and Cons of Perfect Fit Blinds

Like any other blinds available in the market, perfect fit blinds have their strengths and weaknesses. The advantage of using it is how it fits professionally and you can choose from a wide range of styles and colors. If you prefer the perfect blinds to be neutral, insulating, and pleated, you can definitely go for a bespoke design. 

It also does not have any hanging cords so there is no risk to have children or pets around these blinds. Additionally, because no other equipment is necessary for the installation, you can expect it to be installed in the most efficient way, so rest assured that your walls will look seamless after the perfect fit blinds are added. That results in aesthetically pleasing walls and windows. 

The only disadvantage of picking perfect fit blinds is the difference in installation, which is not a major issue because we can certainly take care of that for you.

If you have installed perfect fit blinds before, you may safely measure and install blinds or shades in your own home, but you need to know the ins and outs of custom window treatments. Here at Wholesale Blind Factory, we also provide full window treatment services to meet all your needs. 

Half open vertical blinds with a golden glow. Perfect fit blinds at Wholesale Blind Factory

Requirements for Perfect Fit Blinds

Now that you have decided to get the perfect fit blinds, here is a checklist of things you need to consider. Take note that these are requirements to install the perfect fit blinds in your home so whichever brand you choose, they must indicate the following in their products: 

Choose an inside or outside mount

When selecting perfect fit blinds for your home, you must first choose whether you require inside or outside mounted blinds. Outside mounted blinds differ from inside mounted blinds not only aesthetic-wise but also in setup and performance.

Outside mounted blinds block out more light and require less precise window measurements because they are installed on the wall above the window. This type of blind also works if you have shallow windows and if you want to cover the trim of your window. 

Meanwhile, inside mount blinds provide a clean and minimalist look and take up less space because they sit inside the window frame. 

Has a Clip-In Fitting

Perfect fit blinds clip onto the window frame without the need for further tools or labor, so the word “installation” may not be the most appropriate word for it because it’s a simple setup. That makes perfect fit blinds an excellent solution for inexperienced DIYers who would rather not handle any tools that can cause damage.

Furthermore, this simple-to-install solution is quick – each blind should only take approximately 10 minutes to install. The traceless fitting also makes them a wonderful option for tenants who want blinds but would rather not drill holes in their walls.

Properly Measured For Your Window

Perfect fit blinds are enclosed in their own frame, which comes in different colors to match the  UPVC frame allowing an entire window or door a streamlined appearance once installed. The blind’s case also prevents it from swaying or flapping, so it’s more durable (and quieter) than other kinds.

Man measuring window to install perfect fit blinds. Wholesale Blind Factory.

Blinds for specific rooms

Different rooms require different designs of blinds. Depending on your decor or theme, you can choose if you want to have the same colors throughout, or perhaps each room can have one complimentary theme. 

Types of Perfect Fit Blinds

Every type of perfect fit blinds has a specific purpose. Depending on what your needs or preference are, you may choose from the following common blind types. 

Faux wood blinds

Also known as Silhouette, Faux Wood Blinds have a more fashionable appearance but are resistant to moisture and warping, making them a better choice for high-humidity areas like kitchens and bathrooms. To look like wood, it comes in a variety of colors and stains.

Its main advantage is it is easy to clean and has 2 or 2.5 slats with an option for automation. It is also less expensive than wood blinds and provides optional features from hold-down brackets to tilt-only motorization. 

Wood blinds

The color of wood would surely warm the eyes of the homeowners. Using wood blinds on your windows and sliding doors is an attractive way to make them elegant and natural-looking. It is also a blind choice for those who prefer a natural insulator against cold and heat. Also, wood blinds provide the ultimate privacy with the thickness of real wood and the tight fit of the slats. These blinds also come with a lifetime guarantee. 

You can also choose from our optional features: hold-down brackets, extension brackets, spacers, cutouts, angle blind, arch blind, and tilt only motorization. 

Installing perfect fit wooden blinds at Wholesale Blind Factory.

Vertical blinds

If you are looking for the perfect fit blinds for large windows, vertical blinds are the most ideal. It serves as an alternative to curtains or drapes and has wide slats that can be angled or closed to control the lighting and privacy of the room. It is also good as sliding door blinds. Like the wood blinds, it serves as a natural insulator and comes with a lifetime guarantee. 

Where to Buy Perfect Fit Blinds

Finding the perfect match for your windows and doors can be a tedious process. With our superior knowledge in the blinds market, you can sit back and relax as Wholesale Blind Factory handles all of your blinds needs for your home or office. We’ve dealt with small and big companies and have established our reputation in the market. You may check with the companies who trust us

At Wholesale Blind Factory, we offer a variety of window treatments, plus we have the ability to match your room decor with the right perfect fit blinds, no matter what the shape or size of your windows is. Get a free in-home consultation, send us a message, or give us a call at 📞 (604) 942-4201

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