How Venetian Blinds Continue to Stay Popular Over the Decades

December 15, 2021
Modern office blinds set up with venetian blinds. Wholesale Blind Factory.

There’s a reason why Venetian blinds continue to stay popular over time. Classic and timeless, these blinds continue to ensure functionality in every trend. Their simplicity and practicality are the key features of why Venetian blinds are relevant to this day.  Not only that, they look classy and elegant and will complement well with any decor you have at home. Have w up everything you need to know about how Venetian blinds still appeal to Canadian homeowners. 

Customization options

Venetian blinds are versatile, especially when it comes to customization options. No wonder most Canadian homeowners prefer Venetian blinds for their living space. To complete a certain style for your home, you need to have a blind custom-designed to fit any preference. Blinds come in a variety of colors and materials. Also, they offer a lift cord, want tilt, or cordless lift system to operate your blinds at your disposal. So, if you’re going to add a pop of color to your home, you can easily adjust Venetian blinds to match the interior design that you want. For example, Aluminum Venetian blinds create a variety of colors and patterns that you can fit with the tone of your kitchen. It makes the modern décor interior easier to achieve. With the customization options, you get to have a contemporary kitchen that can be picture-perfect and popular through the years. 

Lightweight design 

Venetian blinds offer a lightweight design that makes them easy to install and maintain. This light design feature gives any user ease of operation and use. So, you wouldn’t have to worry about high installation costs or heavy components when you use your Venetian blinds. 

Venetian Blinds and window blinds in a modern living room. Wholesale Blind Factory

Control lighting 

The summer heat may prompt homeowners to fling open their windows to allow the fresh and cool air inside their homes. Venetian blinds let you control the amount of lighting inside your home as their design allows for flexible positioning of slats that you can tilt. So, these blinds are a great choice for light control and privacy while still allowing air to circulate. You can partially or entirely raise the blinds. The slats can be angled to direct light or block the light completely. The easy operation of Venetian blinds calls for a much comfortable living. 

Prevent glare

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a window treatment that prevents too much glare? After all, extreme glare can affect your overall comfort and well-being at home. Venetian blinds are a great choice to avoid such glare with ease of use. Remember that too much glare can also damage your furniture and furnishings at home through discoloration or cracking. Thanks to Venetian blinds, you get to prevent glare that may adversely affect your interiors. Plus, you can still enjoy the sophisticated look of your blinds to match your interior design. 

Heat reduction 

While many energy-saving blinds boast extra insulating credentials, the Venetian blinds are not last on the list! The slats of these blinds have an innovative and efficient coating called Thermostop, which makes them three times more effective at reducing heat than any traditional set of slats. This feature allows homeowners to control the heat inside their homes and change them into ambient temperatures all year round.  In winter, you can tilt the slats so that the coating faces inwards to reduce heat loss; reversely, the slats in summer reduce the heat coming into the room during the hottest months

Venetian blinds closed in the living room with beige sofa and plant. Wholesale Blind Factory

Motorized features

Another great thing about Venetian blinds is that they can be automated and motorized to satisfy today’s demands. With a Somfy Smart Home in your hand, you are always in control in every aspect. Somfy has sensors that can activate according to your schedule settings and temperature changes. With a Somfy myLink, you can also control your motorized blinds, shades, and shutters from your mobile device or a tablet. Venetian blinds match this type of innovation. As such, users get to enjoy the classic appeal of Venetian blinds while also catching up with the demands of home technology. 

Now that you know how Venetian blinds are still popular today make sure to have your set of Venetian blinds in your next renovation project. Choose a team that offers quality service and the finest Venetian blinds in the market.  At Wholesale Blind Factory, we guarantee 100% service satisfaction. Our team of window specialists and experts can help you choose Somfy blinds for an innovative solution, especially on your Venetian blinds. Our Somfy automated blinds assure quality in terms of materials and quality. Most importantly, the products that we offer are Greenguard certified for a much safer environment and well-being. Give us a call on 📞 (604) 942-4201 today and get started with our finest motorized Venetian blinds and latest innovation at home with FREE in-house consultation and a 5-year warranty!

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