Why Canadians Are Switching To Remote Control Blinds

December 14, 2021

There’s a reason why home automation is an appealing option for most Canadian homes. Not only does it create an efficient way for homeowners to maximize their time at home, but it also gives a convenient way to ensure safety and security with just a couple of taps from the remote.  Undeniably, there’s an increase in motorized and automated blinds in the market. But what is the reason why there’s a distinct charm to it? Find out everything you need to know why Canadians are switching to remote control blinds these days. 

Controllable From Distances Away 

Don’t you like it when you can control your blinds wherever you are at home? When you’re feeling lazy and want to adjust your blinds from your living room, automated blinds can give you freedom! For example, Somfy motorized blinds have radio technology that lets you adjust any motorized windows, blinds, or shutters in just a click. It works by having a radio signal sent to move any motorized window coverings. The radio technology can operate with an omnidirectional feature. It lets you operate your blinds regardless of the distance you have between them. 

Automated blinds used to control and adjust any motorized windows, blinds, or shutters. Wholesale Blind Factory


There’s no denying that remote control blinds are more convenient than manual adjustments through cords. You stress less when you can control and adjust the light and privacy of your blinds using a remote. One of which is the danger coming from corded blinds, especially to your pets and children. To add, motorized blinds give you a lot of innovative options. You can easily plug in your blinds to recharge the battery for the remote control. It means you don’t need to remove or replace batteries most of the time. Rechargeable battery-powered options allow you to control your window coverings with fast and easy recharging. Battery-powered motorized blinds are the most straightforward option. Motorized blinds offer alternative options that work best for you and your lifestyle. 

Energy Efficiency for Blocking Hot Days 

You can automate almost all types of blinds, and many Canadian buyers would choose a more sustainable option for their homes. The automated system is the best choice. You get to save on energy bills when you schedule the automation of your window shades, and you also get to cut down your energy bills when you have them closed during the hottest months and opened during the colder days. When you invest in motorized blinds, you don’t need to spend a lot on your energy bills in the long run. Contrary to popular opinion, motorized blinds are more sustainable than traditional blinds. You can regulate the amount of heat and light with motorized blinds without the need for any corded systems. 

Looking through window blinds, sun light coming inside. Wholesale Blind Factory

Custom Timer for Reducing Light Damage 

Most often than not, we forget to close our windows when we leave in the morning for work. And this can be stressful for any homeowner.  As we all know, harmful UV rays not just affect the temperature efficiency in your home, the rays can also damage your furnishings and items at home. Naturally, changing the shades inside your home also protects your furniture and floor from the harmful rays of the sun. If you leave your opened window and your things exposed to the sun, this may cause discoloration and fading. With remote control blinds, you get to schedule or close the windows in just a couple of buttons from your smartphone or any device. Just a few taps on your tablet, and you can easily control the amount of light and glare coming inside your home.

Improved Security for Night 

At night where everyone is asleep, there is a need to feel secure. With the motorized blinds system, you get to enjoy this even when you are almost dozing off. You can also control and adjust the amount of light that you want to let it. Just one push of a button is all it takes to close your curtains or adjust your blinds to maintain your privacy and security at night. In addition, the Somfy system does not produce annoying sounds. Your privacy problems can be solved with a click of a button, especially when you want noise privacy to achieve a night of deep sleep. For example, you can set your motorized blinds to close at night, outside security lights to come on, and the thermostat lower to a comfortable temperature. Indeed, motorized blinds are almost too good to be true. 

A man is sleeping in his bed with light coming through window blinds and curtains. Wholesale Blind Factory

Choose the Right Supplier

Now that you know the ins and outs of remote control blinds, it’s the perfect time to shift to this system. Efficient and practical, automation and remote control systems are the future of innovative home security. The next thing to do is choose a reliable team to help you out. At Wholesale Blind Factory, we guarantee 100% service satisfaction. Our team of window specialists and experts can help you choose the ideal motorized blinds for an innovative solution. We secure our automated blinds with 100% quality in terms of materials and quality. Most importantly, the products that we offer are Greenguard certified for a much safer environment and well-being. The best part about our professional service is we provide automation options to perk up the convenience and safety you need. 

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