How Blackout Blinds Can Benefit Your Home?

March 2, 2022
Modern living room interior with illuminated night city view and blackout blinds. Wholesale Blind Factory

Everybody needs a good night’s sleep to function properly the next day. The problem is, the world will not stop and pause just so you can sleep better. There will be noise, lights, and even weather disturbances that can hinder your much-needed sleep. 

For those who have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, your sleep quality is constantly being interrupted. This can be really frustrating and throw off the whole process of getting better rest. It’s even worse for babies and children since they need more time in order to go through their sleeping cycles. 

Angry girl closing ears with pillow, noisy neighbors disturbing sleep at night without blackout blinds. Wholesale Blind Factory

When your sleep is disturbed you have a lower chance of going back to sleep. The solution? Blackout blinds!

Blackout blinds are specially designed window blinds that “black out” light and keep the room dark helping you sleep better. The dark environment is the body’s personal and natural clock and timer that helps you drift off to sleep faster and better. 

Did you know blackout window blinds Vancouver can offer more than to make your room dark? Yes! In this article, we will talk about all the benefits (and savings $$$) you can experience by having blackout blinds in your home. Let’s start!

Save money on your energy bill with blackout blinds

What most people do not know about blackout blinds is that it is typically made using thicker and high-quality materials which helps insulate the room. It will keep the room warm during winter while keeping it cool during summer. 

The amazing insulation capabilities of blackout window blinds will eventually lower your energy bills, especially during winter when our heaters work overtime and in summer when the air conditioner is always on. The more the heat (or cool air during summer) is preserved and retained in the room during winter, the less energy will be wasted. 

The best type of blackout blinds with intelligent and incredible insulation capabilities are cellular blinds.

Block out noise with blackout blinds

Outside noise tends to be distracting, especially when sleeping. This is most common in urban areas, if you live near a road or railway, or if you have noisy neighbors. 

Modern loft living room with blackout blinds. Wholesale Blind Factory

Blackout blinds are made from thicker materials which helps regulate the amount of noise traveling into your room or home. It will greatly reduce the noise entering your space, increasing the relaxing ambiance and helping you sleep better and/or enjoy your time with your family. 

Blackout window blinds also work the other way. Whatever noise you make or talk about with your family and partner in your home or room will stay inside.

Light sensitive sleepers can have quality rest with blackout blinds

Many studies and researches show the effects of light on one’s sleep. Melatonin should be rising to increase the drowsiness a person feels. The problem is, melatonin production slows down or completely stops when there is light making you feel alert even at night. 

This is why bedrooms should have blackout blinds. Especially for insomniacs, night shift workers, babies, children, light-sensitive sleepers, migraine sufferers, and bedrooms affected by light pollution, such as streetlights. Having blackout blinds in your bedroom will greatly improve your sleep quality. Hence, boost your energy the next day.

We highly recommend using blackout pull down blinds so you can easily control how much light you want to enter the room.

Feel secure in your bedroom or bathroom with blackout blinds

Feeling secure and safe in your own home is very important to all homeowners, especially in your bathroom and bedroom. These are the spaces where you are most vulnerable and do your own business. 

Blackout blinds in the bathroom. Black tap, mirror near the sink. Wholesale Blind Factory

You will feel more at ease if you have blackout blinds in these rooms. Why? Because your neighbor or other people outside won’t be able to see and hear you, making you feel more secure and at ease.

In addition, if there are burglars or peeping Toms, they won’t be able to see what you are doing in your bathroom and bedroom. This is very important because these spaces are where you take a bath and/or change clothes. Extra security and privacy, like blackout window blinds, in these rooms, will be much appreciated.

Choose from a variety of styles for blackout blinds

If you made up your mind and want to install your blackout blinds in your home, the next step is choosing the type and style of window blinds

With the advancement of technology, almost all pull down blinds have blackout options. This upgrade is very popular these days. However, there are types of window blinds that work better with the blackout option than most. Here are 4 types of window treatments that you can get with a blackout upgrade:

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are made with vertical and thick slats. They are easier to clean compared to other types of window blinds. Because the vertical slats do not collect that much dust compared to their horizontal counterparts. They are also easier to control and you won’t have to adjust the blinds all the time.

This type of window blinds is great for patio doors and large windows. 

Upgrading your vertical blinds into blackout blinds will add more light control and privacy to your glass doors and/or large windows. Blackout vertical blinds are ideal for people looking for a window covering in their bedroom balcony sliding doors, large windows, or bedrooms with glass walls.

Roman blinds

Roman blinds are made from one whole strip of fabric. It folds in layers when you raise it. These types of window blinds add texture and depth to the room. They are great in spaces where you want to create an elegant ambiance like in your living room, entryways, or bedroom.

Blue roman blinds in the interior of a room. Blackout blinds to keep light out. Wholesale Blind Factory

The good thing about roman blinds is the vast fabric options. You can surely find the style and color you want to complement your home decor.

There are roman blackout blinds with thermal or insulation properties. This will be ideal if you want to save on your energy bill in the long run. 

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are also called aluminum blinds which have been around for decades. They are the most common type of window blinds because of how convenient and easy-to-use they are. It has horizontal slats which are ideal for smaller windows and single doors.

Cosy wooden peaceful bedroom in dark tones and venetian blinds with blackout blinds option. Wholesale Blind Factory

Blackout Venetian blinds offer privacy and easy light control. All you need to do is maneuver the cord or mechanism at the side to control the angle of the slats or you can have it motorized.

These types of blackout blinds are ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. 

Roller blinds

Roller blinds are the most common type of blackout blinds. It is popular for many homeowners looking for blackout blinds because it is easy to clean and minimalist. Blackout roller window blinds feature a piece of fabric that easily rolls into a cassette depending on how much light and privacy you need.

Due to its simplistic but charming style, roller blinds are the go-to type for homeowners with modern and/or smaller homes.

Blackout roller blinds are ideal in your entryways and living rooms. If you are planning to install them in your bathrooms and kitchen, choose fabrics that are moisture and water-resistant. Molds usually grow in damp places. To make sure this doesn’t happen to your roller blinds, choose the materials and/or talk to your trusted specialist.

Details of white fabric roller blinds with blackout blinds option. Wholesale Blind Factory

We all have been spending more time at home. Energy bills are higher. Security and privacy at home are crucial to us all. Being healthy became our #1 priority. And sleeping properly at night became more and more important to improve our physical and mental health. 

If installing blackout blinds in your home will provide you safety and security, help lower your monthly energy bills, and get better quality sleep every day, why not get it now and have it installed at once?!

When to contact a professional about blackout blinds

Choose a company with experience and a great reputation like Wholesale Blind Factory. We have a team of professional window blinds specialists that will help you choose the right type of blackout blinds, style, and color depending on what will complement your décor. 

Give us a call at 📞 (604) 942-4201 today and schedule a FREE in-house consultation for all blinds Vancouver!

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