Are Cellular Blinds Worth the Money

February 3, 2022
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Are you thinking of having your home revamped? Or perhaps you want to change the style of your windows for an overall new look and feel? While it is challenging to choose the right window blinds for your home, the process can be rewarding. One of the top choices is cellular blinds. They are appealing, adaptable, and energy-efficient, offering many consumers a winning mix of value and excellent appearance.

In this article, we have rounded up everything you need to know about cellular blinds and why they are worth the money. 

What are cellular blinds 

Simply put, cellular blinds also known as honeycomb shades, are manufactured from a single piece of fabric that either rolls up (roller shades) or folds up (folding shades). It has signature crisp pleats that fold up cellular shades. 

From sheer to blackout, cellular shades are available in a variety of pleat sizes, colors, and light control options. All while offering the best insulation possible thanks to their honeycomb-shaped air pockets or cells. A wide range of fabrics can effectively filter or block light. 

Cellular blinds are also recognized for their slim fit against doors and for being utilized as front entrance window coverings. They are often affordable and take up very little space while in use. Furthermore, cellular blinds are available in a wide range of colors and widths to match any door design you have at home. 

If you want to enhance energy efficiency in your home or office, cellular shades are the way to go. These genius window treatments trap air in the shade’s center, creating a layer of insulation between the window and the building’s interior. This revolutionary window covering, which comes in single or double cells, may also suppress noise from outside thanks to the air spaces between the shades.

With a free in-home consultation, you can make the best out of cellular blinds in your home or office. 

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Types of cellular blinds 

Before buying cellular blinds, it’s important to know the different types you can choose from. Here are the three options of window blinds and shades you can get out of cellular blinds: 

Top-down bottom-up

You can lower the shades from the top, raise them from the bottom, or do both using top-down bottom-up cellular shades. You may have complete and total control over the quantity of light that can come into your rooms thanks to the top-down bottom-up form of cellular window blinds, which you can install as an added feature.


Concerned about your children or pets at home? Because cordless cellular blinds are perfectly safe for children and pets of all ages and sizes, you won’t have to worry about accidents with cords. They perform admirably because of the continuous cord loop within the system, which allows cordless blinds to operate with ease when pulled by hand.


Another great thing about cellular blinds is that they can easily be motorized or automated. Somfy systems can automate cellular blinds to increase energy efficiency in your home. The honeycomb shades are a revolutionary window covering meant to trap air, generating a layer of insulation that can keep your room warmer on cold nights. 

Additionally, motorized blinds prevent glare, which may cause discomfort when sleeping. It also saves you money in the long run on your energy bills. With Somfy shades, you can easily regulate the temperature to get a better night’s sleep, whether you want a cooler or warmer room. 

What to look for in cellular blinds

Here are the most important things to look for when choosing cellular blinds for your home or office:

Size of windows 

Getting the wrong cell size can reduce the shade’s energy-saving efficiency. Improper sizing may cause damage to your window or the cellular blind itself. Don’t let it get the best of you. It’s simple to determine the proper cell size with the right size information. 

Service man measuring window size for cellular blinds. Wholesale Blind Factory

Type of cellular blind

Cellular blinds with double cells provide additional insulation, saving you even more money on energy bills. The shades, on the other hand, are substantially heavier than their one-cell counterparts. 

On the contrary, single cell honeycomb colors are obviously much lighter. Even though they give less insulation than double cells, they are still good choices if you need more. The sizes offered range:

  • Minimum Width: 12”
  • Maximum Width: 120”(depending on fabric and options)
  • Minimum Height: 8” 
  • Minimum Height: 120”(depending on fabric and options) 

Style and color 

Are you a décor daredevil? Choosing the perfect window treatment color and style might be one of the most enjoyable and challenging selections you’ll make when shopping for window coverings. 

You can’t go wrong with a neutral design, it won’t clash with another color scheme because most trim is white or off-white. If you don’t want your windows to be the center point of the space, go with this choice. If you’re suffering from analytical paralysis, this is a timeless look that will never go out of style.

If you want to have a laid-back design, you can try the tone-on-tone style. After all, matching your window blinds with your wall is a classic option. But if you want to get out of the ordinary and try fun designs, you can always opt for a bold color or a different fabric option. At Wholesale Blind Factory, we offer a wide range of color and style designs that you can choose from. 

Cordless vs. corded 

It’s also essential to choose whether you want cordless or corded cellular blinds. The choice usually depends on practicality and budget. For corded cellular blinds, this classic lift is a tried-and-true device that has been used in countless homes for decades. These blinds are standard window coverings with a pull-down and pull-up function. Cordless cellular blinds, on the other hand, are a useful and safe home automation invention that makes living easier. This sort of window blind reduces mishaps, especially those that occur frequently with children and dogs. Cordless blinds, as the name implies, do not require a cord to operate. In truth, cordless blinds are economical and functional, especially if you don’t want to manually activate your blinds. They don’t always imply that cords are completely gone. 

Motorized and automated cellular blinds. Wholesale Blind Factory

For the convenience of operation, cordless blinds eliminate the need for cables. With just a few clicks from your device, it can be automated. This can serve a larger purpose in your house, especially in terms of convenience and light privacy.

Important facts about cellular blinds 

From background to a versatile design, learn the important facts of cellular blinds:


Hunter Douglas, a window treatment company, was the first to introduce cellular shades in 1985 with a focus on their long-term durability, softness, and capacity to save energy. The majority of heat transfer occurs through doors and windows, which can increase heating and cooling expenditures. 

Cellular shades avoid this because each of their cells holds a specific amount of air, forming a barrier between the window’s surface and the room interior. This allows them to reduce heat transmission to a far greater extent than traditional shades.

Excellent versatility

Cellular shades exist in a variety of forms, and many of them have multiple layers of cells stacked on top of one another. Each additional layer of cells adds more heat and light control, insulating your windows and keeping hot air out in the summer, and keeping heat inside in the winter

The higher the level of light filtering, the darker the color of your cellular shades. Cellular blinds with a day/night function provide both blackout and light filtering. For more versatility and flexibility, the light filtering parts of the shades can be raised up to show the blackout region, and vice versa.

Honey-comb shaped pockets 

Because they are made up of honeycomb-shaped air pockets or cells, cellular shades are energy efficient. Between your window and the room’s ambient temperature, these air pockets offer a layer of insulation.

Single-cell (one air pocket) and double cell (two air pockets) cellular shades are available (two air pockets). Which one you choose depends on the temperature extremes you experience (hot, cold, or both) as well as your budget. Double cell cellular shades are more expensive than single cell cellular shades, you’ll have to choose which is best for you. 

The high level of insulation provided by double cell cellular blinds is recommended for very cold or hot conditions. Double cell cellular shades will save you a lot of money on keeping the heat in during the winter and cool air inside during the summer.

Modern cellular shades for sun protection and window decoration. Wholesale Blind Factory

Single-cell cellular shades are often chosen for more moderate weather conditions.

Call a cellular blind specialist

Now that you know the basics of cellular blinds, it is safe to say that it is worth every penny. By installing top-grade automatic window blinds and shades, as well as supporting you with Somfy remote programming, Wholesale Blind Factory is here to provide you with quality window blinds. We offer cost-effective privacy protection! From the beginning to the end, you can count on us to provide excellent customer service.

Are you searching for a team that you can rely on? We have the right one for you! Give us a call today on 📞(604) 942-4201 for the perfect window treatments for your home!

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